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ray ban sunglasses price joke words
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TOPIC: ray ban sunglasses price joke words

ray ban sunglasses price joke words 11 months, 1 week ago #106502

  • bagyfbsj07
**"Say flaunt to turn round to leave with the breeze.
"Why don't keep him?"The Feng little side body asks a way.
"Did he say that the many people delitescence comes over and kills me and wants to kill in case of him how I do?"
"You are still really enough stingy!"
"Wait desert household to hold real power to call in him again to come over behind is not late either."Finish saying unknown alignment after death not the chair of distance, though got stripe for the palace a chair to still keep reserving.
"Everyone sits down, I have words to say" finishes saying Ma Long turns round to walk to Long Yi Qian to sit down, public fall after Ma Long openings way:"The Yan king sent punitive expedition a Xi text to up deliver to come over last night, after three days battalion from Yans all Bohai Sea set out, anticipated to arrive our fire bird five days later city, if we didn't surrender will have bitter struggle after for five days"
"Depend, joke words?Do we just set up political power to personally ruin?"Is green loose wrinkly eyebrows way.
"The Yan country struck against a small scaled city defense of sand country half month ago and used ascend lapidating car, large the apparatus offending city has been already appeared, up must enduring city wall at throw stone car in front is like a 1 F paper, half the hour could force open indentation.I am frightened"Ma Long lower the head a way.
"Be free, when the time comes, let unknown take to kill a private city to make breakage!"One heart is strange to say with a smile.
"You die" is unknown to stare one heart, smiled to hope toward Ma Long:"In addition to taking to kill a private tour, what matter I dry" still says to kill a private to is a deluxe soldier to grow and beat to break the mountain thief's army corps for the whole army is routed last time, saw to die a private than the frogman return garbage!Unknown is think like this of, but he neglected the then huge dint tiger, that resisted the front fourth several near crary skills.
"I see us or step up the pressure to the myth household is up, let the desert household help us 1 when the time comes!"Long Wang depends in the chair to say, now is to continue to long for to save desert, when the time comes again let the desert help to continue to long for!
"Is unknown!Ha ha"public on hoping, is exactly a pity dream!She jubilantly jumped to run into a big palace:"I just got an occupation!"Say she has already run to side in the unknown body and sit to unknown nearby.
"What occupation?"It is unknown to smile to ask.
"Taoist priest!"
"Is dizzy, did this game Zha still start to make feudalism to come?"It is unknown the Wu clapping the next forehead to wear a face way.
"What call
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