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collection lancel The south dollars all sigh in sorrow 1 and shake
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TOPIC: collection lancel The south dollars all sigh in sorrow 1 and shake

collection lancel The south dollars all sigh in sorrow 1 and shake 11 months ago #106344

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Dollar all elder brother, your house three look for just that Zheng, is ……"
The south dollars all sigh in sorrow 1 and shake, "he the war skill of that blood fire ebullition,
collection lancel, you once saw as well, is to have side effect before, I also thought, was enforcing the law the disposition that brigade becomes for several years before he, settle however can't be been anti- to bite by that loving of side effect blood, can this bottom see, still have some influence.Ah, I still descend to speak a few lines with him just good, otherwise had mental state burden in his heart, to his self-discipline disadvantageous, Rui elder brother in the sky, take leave."
South dollars all finish saying and order, come off stage to seek south three look for go to.
Their 2 people like this talks, but doesn't discover rest area at the side of filed of play there, close the eyes for a rest of Han Shan's corner of mouth suddenly start to be suffused with one silk smiling face.
Han Shan is to understand what.Open eyes, in the heart a loose,
lancel reyes, immediately whole individual all easy some, is taking a rest area to at will walk to move.
None of owners knows that just Han Shan in that rest area, shut eyes into "see listen to" difficult to understand,, and exclusively concentrate the attention to south dollar all and Rui in the sky this place,
lancel recrutement.
Listenned to 2 people's dialogue,
lancel miss lancel, Han Shan was understand, he this surprised absolute being stab of the secret will not expose!
Connect the spot the real strenght is the strongest of two parties representative can not see a surprised absolute being sting, also trust a lot in Han Shan Xin.However his heart in also secretly warn himself/herself, connect down to have a game again,, can not stab with the surprised absolute being indiscriminately.South three look for of become stunned at a time, can use to fight skill side effect to explain, can take place of person many,
louis vuitton purses for sale, unavoidably will arouse other people's doubting.
Chapter 77 Rui in the sky invites
"Han Shan's adult."A person of bellboy shape's bursting upon is taking a rest area.
Take a rest area in, many cross legs to sit, the participants who close the eyes for a rest all open eyes and see toward the this place.
"What matter?"Han Shan is also curious.He in fact and early knows, this bellboy is to serve top that day east country king, be don't know what the king wants to ask him.
That bellboy gave Han Shan Ju one Gong, polite way:"King's his majesty sends me to come to ask adult, the age is several what, where is the teacher accepted.If the adult has what inconvenience,, don't answer can also."
In Han Shan Xin a move.
He once read a historical records, knew at these five to match boulevard up, be like him so 56 years old get into for a sky, rank of,
cheap louis vuitton bags, return be really have no one person.
Five match in the mainland, ever and most genius of a , is in 1,000 year agos,, one is 18 years old and then gets into rank in a sky.That at that time, but aroused tremendous sensation!18-year-old sky of rank strong, have already enough let any influence invite crazily!And that genius at behind,, also got into a spirit way self-discipline highest point smoothly,
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