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lancel suitcase you China bedlamite has that courage to perish together with us
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TOPIC: lancel suitcase you China bedlamite has that courage to perish together with us

lancel suitcase you China bedlamite has that courage to perish together with us 11 months, 1 week ago #105711

  • zanpdnge96
Window, our owner perishes together!"
When other households cooperate to force China house to hand over Chen Chen, the China Bo breeze directly lets go of malicious words, and under his order, he is after death black dress dead the private round and roundly surrounded present owner.
The words that hear him, public not from must apprehensive to uncertain get up.
At the moment if open doors and windows, the result is obvious.
"China bedlamite, you return be really crazy!Are your really wanting with our all householdses enemies?"The thunder Hui dragon glares at to the China Bo breeze, he receives above of order, at all costs, the extrication is caught by China house of girl, but face the fish dead net of the breeze of China Bo to break, he is also helpless.
"China old man, you do and have meaning like this, don't hand over a , that girl, we at the person here sooner or later not just similar result."Sun Hong Xuan on the contrary heart equanimity and of advise a way.
"Be, be, hand over one that girl is perhaps and outside of the pyramid scheme automatically back to walk."He Rui Qiang's side says the side sweeps vision toward the person of those small households and mean that accompanying is thick.
Say with it that he is advising China Bo breeze and more rather says that he is stiring up breeze to light fire.
China Bo breeze one speech don't deliver and just persistently sneer at.
He doesn't worry the problem of a group of rats, because he has confidence to take public leave.
Before good R.O.C east and China takes Chen Chen to get into a hotel, he with the very great benefits and the Suo Si especially the owner of hotel exchanged a secret.
The underneath of the hotel is have a secret ground floor, but underground indoor still has other passages to leave.
He has already made people guard at ground floor.
At present what he wants to do is to procrastinate time, let thunder house, He Jia and Sun Jia's compromise promise his condition.
Certainly his person who hasn't been unscrupulous to arrive to escape alone, left other households waits to walk into death.
"If this continues is not a way either, now we still company quantity for a while how escape from the hotel."Sun Hong Xuan fondles a beard and seems to do a saying of peace-maker sort.
"Escape?How to escape?Did we escape?The pyramid scheme of outside is incensed of, when the time comes crary attack common people, can you pay a responsibility?"Be used as national soldier Wei pair chairman, thunder Hui dragon what to consider is a general situation first, besides he really escaped, he this soldier Wei pair the chairman don't also do.
The vision stares at China Bo breeze, thunder Hui Long Hen Sheng says:"I pour to and see, you China bedlamite has that courage to perish together with us!"
Finish saying, thunder Hui hands dragon has already started to be suffused with red ray of light, while the others of thunder house also bring up in succession inside the dint and greatly have a speech to be unsuited to and get into nasty fight of plan.
Being cold to hum is a , the China Bo breeze nowise shows weak, on the body
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