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lancel watch we brothers 2 people kill that to help evil Zai son
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TOPIC: lancel watch we brothers 2 people kill that to help evil Zai son

lancel watch we brothers 2 people kill that to help evil Zai son 11 months, 1 week ago #105691

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The Jiao climbed Gao.
"Brothers, you closed and saw your j dragon the ī ng tiger fierce of, the breathing Ning was thoroughly solid, saw to fairy state a firmness, very good,
lancel watch, very good, there is opportunity returning to night boundary with me, we brothers 2 people kill that to help evil Zai son, ha ha!"Kua Fu knows Yang Jia intentionally in front of outsider an apathetic appearance, he is also this facial expression in the sorcery clan, so secretly spread sound and Yang Jiao's chat!
"H'm, this suggestion is quite good!"Yang Jiao Hei's Hey says with smile:"Rush through to run into that big evil sky of king clearly, must seek him is having a competition!"
"I say brothers you nothing important matter, challenge the superior of the gold fairy of big Luo!"The Kua father emits a cold sweat way:"Big Luo gold fairy not you think of the sort is simple, not what technique or magical power can vanquish, big Luo gold fairy, the deathless immortalization is a sky, great ability, can not easily kill him, either, can crack down on, because big Luo gold fairy already can early rule!"
"Rule?"Yang Jiao Zhou knit the brows, he to big Luo understand of the gold fairy of few, can say is know not a thing.
318 three pupils
(The 513 days holidays has been already led and resumes normal renewal, every day midnight, but beat to appreciate yesterday over 3,
ray ban wayfarer square,000, the big Peng adds more one chapter, today four more!)
"That's right, is a rule, real of rule only in the sky greatly can just can entitle to control, but big Luo gold fairy but just initial of control, not and up control on the whole, but be good enough to kill the whole big Luo gold fairy the following of superior, on going into rule, he would is a sky, rule inside, the all things of the universe substitute, variety it carry, the absolute being ghost is unfathomable!"Kua father very formally of to Yang Jiao warning way:"You never easily ask for the superior of the gold fairy of big Luo, your in a sudden deliver is me sorcery clan highest war skill, belong to a negative celestial spirits,, the ability urges your fighting strength to living 5600%, even decuple, if not that the guy that meets those extreme achievement abnormal conditions, this fairy in, you can call a king!"
"BE, eldest brother, I have been wanting to ask a question, the big gold is black to compare how are you?"Yang Jiao takes something with a grain of salt and immediately transfers a topic.!
"Say conscience words, we are two s ès that divide equally an autumn on the whole, this boy controls a several negative celestial spirits and would is me to take him to also have no way,, and can fight a draw with him!"Kua father sincerely to Yang Jiao Dao:"And he to the war, a drum makes spirit, if talk about protracted warfare,
ray ban outdoorsman road spirit, I ain't his opponent, his magical power is getting tooer many,
cheap oakley sunglasses, lets you dim in vision Liao
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