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maroquinerie lancel Had this to teach
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TOPIC: maroquinerie lancel Had this to teach

maroquinerie lancel Had this to teach 11 months ago #105625

  • wjxapwyc84
However detect, oneself incredibly can control the flame in the pubic region!
Though can control so one silk,is the flame of one silk so, it makes Chen Jie's strength promote 100%!
Also because wear the flame of this silk and own of**strength carry on fold to add, Chen Jie just from drive flame the person beat off of the result change become Chen Jie flame the person beat off.
"If isn't the flame that suddenly can control inside the pubic region this time,, perhaps I am dead ……"
Chen Jie looking at the large footprint that previous he or she steps in the platform edges and is still a burst of empress in the heart afraid,!
"See, next investigate can not take a risk too much, after all this the stage investigated just just three greatest part of the first part takes a risk at this stage just, unworthy."
Had this to teach, Chen Jie continued to choose that the treble strength investigated no matter again.
"I choose next investigate,
maroquinerie lancel."Chen Jie looking at difference fires monarch and says,
gucci bags for sale.
"Good!"The difference fire monarch ordered to nod,
where can i find ray ban sunglasses, immediately arm a flick.
The scene on all sides flies to soon change Huan,
cheap ray ban sunglasses, the moment then became to°from that platform that suspends in the sky a piece of mountain stone plain.
These mountain stones remain be burning the mountain stone of bright fire and give the person the felling of a kind of steaming hot.
Chen Jie just discovers at this time,
lancel 1876 taupe, between the waving hand of difference fire monarch, not only only was the environment on all sides to change,, own body at the same time also resumed peak status a while.
"Connect down, will be the second investigate, body defense of investigate."The difference fire monarch looking at Chen Jie and says.
gucci cheap, once the difference fire monarch palm stretch, a piece of huge meteorite fireball then suspended in his palm sky.
"Body defense of investigate, mainly is the defense circumstance that tests your body, this meteorite fireball, draft according to your real strenght.But you need do of, be the anti- descends it of bombard!"
"You needed to be stood to motionless go at first, can not use the attack dissolves meteorite fireball of bump shot dint,, can depend bodily of pure defense dint to resist."
The words of difference fire monarch let Chen Jie Yi Zheng.
This investigates, also too oddness!
"Completely use a hard anti- of body ……" Chen Jie tooks a look that body red and red and burnable the huge meteorite of flame,, heart one Zheng hair Chu!
"Get ready, youth person!"Difference fire gentleman
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