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Username Password: Remember me Ai Lin Nuo this words is the station is here of three personal men all to give offense to
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TOPIC: Ai Lin Nuo this words is the station is here of three personal men all to give offense to

http://aviatorsraybansmall.web​ Ai Lin Nuo this words is the station is here of three personal men all to give offense to 11 months, 1 week ago #105301

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Lin Nuo feels very comfortable position.Although he doesn't know that the Nero exactly will can't really open fire,he didn't want to give° a situation that is over to win to make a hash of.
In fact he the purpose today had already come to a, now that proved Yi any don't die, and then understand the value of the Nuo of Ai Lin, just Ai Lin Nuo this kind of Duo Duo the pressing vehemence makes him feeling very uncomfortable, this felling is like an of queen and eunuch to interact, so he wants to frighten Ai Lin Nuo and fight descend her that overbearing flame of anger, have never thought, not only didn't frighten Ai Lin Nuo, on the contrary and still just her overbearing flame of anger up sprinkle one hogshead gasoline, and still let oneself to the utmost loses at the old opponent in front face, this really starts to move rock to hit his/her own feet!
The Ai Lin Nuo pretty much despised ground to hum a , the mouth inside returns Duo Duo to pressingly read a way:" Say what man gave birth to is mean, give you a day bright proper way, you don't walk, it happened that trampled dog's dung just be willing to turn head."
Ai Lin Nuo this words is the station is here of three personal men all to give offense to, just Nero and Mu are rare Tan D 2 people dare the Nu not dare to talk.But the gram Lao Si seem to be already to give up his/her own dignity in the Ai Lin Nuo in front, the helpless location nods a way:"Queen his majesty, your novella to, I am getting wronger, that can bother you to make them let go of the gun, we also rush through to return to have supper, do you say a rightness?"
Have to say, gram Lao Si this bad person makes it also the Te suppressed to bend, but who call other people parents rare much, this originally was a kind of born advantage, there was no way, gram Lao Si also can bend the head to concede defeat.
"False!Can I not make them let go of a gun, if I don't make them let go of a gun, that will you pass me, isn't this the purpose that you take me?Next time bother before you talk, use your logic thinking first to thoroughly consider some kind of, don't unexpectedly say some useless talks."The stroke gram Lao Si seems to be already to become a kind of a fondness for of the Nuo of Ai Lin.
I hold!The absolute being is also you, the ghost is also you, what is your TMD exactly dry?The gram Lao Si almost has already soon and suddenly and violently walked, the forehead also gradually presents one silk fury.
The Ai Lin Nuo sees the hand before the neck have already started being shivering, know that oneself has already violated a gram quickly the bottom line of the Lao Si and immediately raises hand to flick to flick a way toward the Nero:"You two stems that still raise a gun what, also dislike not enough throw a person, let go of, conveniently call those from think concealment the very perfect fool also lets go of
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