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Of An lord's putting out Ji teacher is a person who can hardly tie up too much,, this can how is good?"
Li Ben Lei smells speech, cold hum a , way:"Central plains Wu Lin puts in the eye for none of teachers, only one puts out a too not worthy of way of Ji teacher Zai!This matter hands over to Chang-an of'red Long Tang'carry out!Believe on the third inside necessarily have a result!"
Xiao 矝 though to teacher of those struggle for power and money of the matter stop one's ears, but also know cactus red Long Tang, is already upset in the heart, way:"The teacher wants again homicidal?!"
Li Ben Lei is black tiny Cu is such as the eyebrows of the Mo,
lancel taschen, hence is another to sigh a way:"Xiao 矝 , you know for the teacher 14 disciples in why only leave you at nearby?"
The Xiao 矝 comes forward an one step to pull Li Ben Lei's gusset and says with smile:"Is a teacher to love Tu son and loathe to give up Tu son, because ……H'm ……because the Xiao 矝 is lovely, know how wait upon teacher!"
The joyful of Li Ben Lei ha ha smile, by hand clapped the hand of clapping the Xiao 矝 , way:"Say quite goodly, but isn't this most importantly,, but because the your disposition smartness is kind, not An current affairs, this in this world Er worry my Zha, the weak at the mercy of the strong,, you don't kill people, will behave kill!"
Xiao 矝 but is to disagree, way:"Teacher, the people of this world doesn't exert is such, allow eldest brother be not!"
Li Ben Lei is already upset,
louis vuitton monogram vernis, way:"Teacher now even if homicide also for saving your term eldest brother, you are still blaming teacher!"
The Xiao 矝 suddenly comes to a stop, way:"Teacher, the Tu son contains an idea and makes the childe often make a trip Chang-an area to beg that'fly Luo's skirt'of antidote, often childe's affirming will make an effort of, and the teacher returns need not kill people."
Li Ben Lei looking at that to fly to flow but next of waterfalls,, contemplate a short moment, way:"Is all right, promise you for the teacher be!"
Xiao 矝 is a happy pole, way:"The teacher is really good!The Xiao 矝 cooks for teacher and burn away vegetables Tu the son tell the childe is often."Say the perfect person away and disappear runs toward log cabin and after death follows those two white foxes.
And this a moment Li Ben Lei's face top unexpectedly is show unintentionally oneself also and feel not and apprehensiblely and all for a long time don't peep out of knowing but again warm pleasingly smile, this smile,,
discount new era hats from china, is smiling of kid's sort,
louis vuitton collection, heartfelt to smile.
The tombstone that helplessly looking at Li Ling to show fiercely toward Yan in the sky of Yan Ba bumps to go to but is the slightest move not get, anxious, a spirit blood dashes forward forehead and at that moment yell a "Niang!", The person was already dizzy to die in the past,,, while the back towarded Yan cloud that Li Ling shows to still sink to immerse to make him at that for sky incredible words in.Seeing Li Ling's show will splash with blood on the spot, the figure of a demon's sort that binds black cloth all over one Shan but lead, treat and Yan cloud the sky look back, there still have Lee before the tombstone of Yan
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