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lancel purses With return in triumph
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TOPIC: lancel purses With return in triumph

lancel purses With return in triumph 11 months, 1 week ago #105204

  • aajp4qmsm74
In the reality of do elder brother's this many people to all know, he opened mouth first to also break now dead silent.
"That dead dragon helps of have a few players to run us to help come, they help and then Be getting more dissatisfied..."The pirate says.
"The windstorm city has three resources areas that greatly help to cooperate to intend Lue us!"Iron wolf way:"We of resources area, spreads their outside in the city"
"Being all small matter is afterwards getting bigger, afterwards iron wolf made us send a soldier to come over, then we passed by together, then literally several bottoms make the windstorm connecting the nest those secret societies carried together" returns in triumph a way.
"What doesn't that want to destroy a somebody else city stem?"I counter-question a way and directly capture have to not?Return in triumph pure settle throat of way:"Cough, that windstorm city popular support Gao, took place after having city the people changed, the righteousness soldier, country was brave to lay siege to us of soldier, can't, can chase their Cui to simplify matters."
"Iron wolf, sends patrol fishing sun, tell Ma Long right away, you this also has no action, our still thinking is an I to let somebody else to carry."Finish saying I add again:"As far as possible the story write of match reason, don't make the somebody else think on seeing that you are a bad person"
"Ha ha, all right!I know that the unknown eldest brother can't say what, you sit toward this, didn't say on the my mouth what does the in the mind steal joy!"Say iron wolf starts a hall to run backward to, weave a story!The name of story about call:The windstorm city is how to disappear.Once the windstorm have no, neighborhood also the small city defense in the nothing important, total rudder Phoenix this line can have peace of mind again of develop.
With return in triumph, pirate etc. person chat a burst of just know, this time real reason that trample upon windstorm city BE:The iron wolf daughter-in-law was annoyed by somebody else.
However no matter the reason why home is all right good, the city defense is a little less being placed in and develops a fast fierce stage resistance and a little more develops space now, the originally unknown small village by now became a small city, originally Phoenix was just a small city to also get stripe to approach a big city now, the originally total rudder is just is on all sides wear fence of'mountain Zhai', have already become to incline to regular military base as well now.Everything all at stable of develop!
The lord mansion originally think that a city gets stripe and walks to city gate a group of players to stand after saying "hello" toward me in the city wall, I then and curiously walk last city wall, originally they sit here'stand guard'task!"Ha ha, experience for giving many
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