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lancel flirt bag "Keep up with" tiger fore the noodles gets to run
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TOPIC: lancel flirt bag "Keep up with" tiger fore the noodles gets to run

lancel flirt bag "Keep up with" tiger fore the noodles gets to run 11 months, 1 week ago #105199

  • zsjskbab295
Person that beauty smiles a dynasty after public beat hello:"Is each, can start, I am a No.120th new hand"
", There is blessing, incredibly is a beauty, see to want mood concussion for these several days!"Finish saying, green loose the status roaring one to become tiger roars a way:"Keep up with" tiger fore the noodles gets to run, behind a group of players close on the heels of tiger into robber's nest!Ma Long Bian runs the side order way:"Is unknown, protect good new hand, don't make him hang!"
The words say green loose change body tiger status, that feet dint really isn't a cover!In public the person runs while doing class to order position in the center, green loose have already taken a big cluster of become 100 to run back up thousand monsters!The romance sinks a twittering:"Great god of fire, give me the absolute being fire to put out the ability of a life time!Use that endless fire sea, the Fen exerts at present the whole run in opposite directions bad person!Red Yan fire sea"
'Shout'a , a fire pond that the diameter foot has ten meters scope immediately appears in place ahead distance not, the romance favour reminds 1:"Cure quickly green loose, this magic trick is an indiscrimination attack of, only get into magic trick scope inside will be kept on injury"
Is "all right" to say, one heart small hand a flick together blue simply connecting Shan on tiger is a technical ability that keep on instauration to annoy blood!The pond that is green loose to get those monsters to run into fire in, under burn and public stroke of fire pond, those several hundred robbers incredibly didn't support through a minute!This kind of speed can not help letting public all a burst of sob.
"Romance you change so much TAI attack, the attack magic trick of so big scope still keeps first seeing"
"Well big of fire sea ah, the condition of good grand view"
The female new hand that is assigned to this troops hopes the way of romantic surprise:" Is legendary master's occupation?Is true badly!This I rose to eight classes all of a sudden, well quick of speed"
"Really envy you, the system issues person to look for person free take you to get stripe, we at the beginning but the chopping down of a per come over upgrade of" is unknown to hope that everywhere corpse wry smile way.
"Is romantic, put technical ability!Is green to loosen and come over!"Sees green loose and leads a big cluster of robber to run to come over from another direction, the romance favour sings voodoo to start to release large-scale slice of kill sex of technical ability!"Red cloud, just cleaned up of those in tidy up war booty"
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