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lancel bags paris guest Liao
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TOPIC: lancel bags paris guest Liao

lancel bags paris guest Liao 11 months, 1 week ago #105177

  • rjupstng99
, Who in this living room, also discovered severals fixing fairy.
An among those the old that advance in years 70 years old, wear cloth dress, the complexion is moderate, double eye brightly, the waist fastens severals keep thing bag,
lancel bags paris, back even still have a medicine basket.
Any eyes see this old, the felling is very familiar looking, once that old embrace a boxing and roar with laughter of way:"Childe, incognizant old man?"
Any hurriedly starts suddenly, tiny travel incognito one gift:"Is apothecary!"
"The childe lets old man in different light, though the power to the utmost lose, but return to fix fairyland in short short two months,
gucci store locator, and delve into the way of medical skill, etc. will the old man pour and experience for a while."
One face good intentions of apothecary, to any.
lancel singapore, this apothecary is still Yang Jia Bao's one of guest Liao,, fix for the chain to expect after annoying, but own an unique medical skill, master in to make pill at the same time of Shu.At Yang Jia Bao, connect two elders that concentrate a period, also pretty much respect to him.
"Apothecary is getting more polite, Yang Mou is how dare foolish display of skill before expert."
The way of any very polite condescension.
He is understand, this apothecary isn't likely to be that square of Yang Guang of, he is detached at Yang Jia Bao's identity, guest Liao,, generally station at neutral of position, don't participate in an intriguing against each other of customs benefits.
In addition to apothecary, still have a good many persons the guest inside this living room,
gucci purses outlet, equally is also the apothecary's identity.
Want to come, this time rare"with cure member of association", the medical skill of the apothecary's contests and causes the concern of fog Liu Zhen many monks in the neighborhood.
Is public to sit in silence a short while in the living room, the side house bead curtains uncovers and walked into a middle age of clothes pomp.
Is exactly Liu De Gui, fog Liu Zhen's town mayor.
Ten several people in Liu De Gui's vision tour house, clear voice way:"Each honored guest can come my simple home, is fog Liu Zhen's honour, and is my Liu Mou's honor.This time with cure member of association, it is childe and beard half fairy to mainly participate in a person is two apothecaries, the rest honored guest can be a witness person in a side.Each person of hometown elders is also one of notary publics outdoors."
"Bearer guards a gate to open!"
Liu De Gui in succession way, let the servant open the front door of living room, the common people and other everyoneses of outside, can see the circumstance in the living room.
"With cure member of association, this is the apothecary's of contest, we can rise to experience this time ……"
"Hear he beard half the fairy is a legendary fairy teacher, master in ghost
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