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but didn't tell them to actually want to look for to is a thing so
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TOPIC: but didn't tell them to actually want to look for to is a thing so

but didn't tell them to actually want to look for to is a thing so 11 months ago #104407

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In discover an and the department Shao describe a just about ax form weapon.
A group of people right away round in the past, that department Shao is also concussion arrived extremity, with the quickest speed rush pass by.A see that thing immediately smile.
"Ha ha,lancel outlet,, I finally still found out you!For the sake of you even if is hard decuples again all of no consequence what!"
"Find out,"This time the that Wu long breeze is to walk to near the front haven't seen that axe asking a way.
Walk up a to see, his taste is also suddenly stagnant for a while, use an incredible orotund way:
"This is legendary have been already lost of work properly a machine, open mountain ax?!"
"Has servant Wu ever heard this thing as well?"See Wu Chang Feng's one eye recognize the background of this thing, it is a bit curious to take charge of Shao to pour, however he the slightest isn't worried that the other party rises what bad intention, murder himself/herself for the sake of this thing,, because every town south Wang Fu's persons all drive his father town south the king sowed soul fetter, once the other party contains any changes, he can directly cause the soul fetter in their body, let them be subjected to anti- bite, their souls will be directly tormented by the strength of that soul fetter when the time comes of not presentable son.
"I am also by accident from an ancient works in see, devolution this opening mountain ax is an ancient to lose of thing, the power is astonishing,lancel handbag price, fixed to be good enough to for enough words with lent it to open mountain crack ground!Are one after one generations from all of thous devolution, but 500 year agos are mysterious to disappear, almost have already been forgotten by the people of this world now, the many people even thinks this only just a legend,,lancel angelina, unexpectedly still really have this thing,ray ban 3386, this absolutely describes with that ancient works top of look exactly alike!Like absolute being soldier's sharp weapon!"Wu Chang Feng at this time also the joy of the difficult Yan in the mind, completely have never thoughted of to take charge of the Shao wants to look for of unexpectedly is have already disappeared opening of 500 yearses mountain ax.
Come to before take charge of Shao be just say to look for a thing with them, but didn't tell them to actually want to look for to is a thing so,,cheap oakley sunglasses uk, so until now find out this thing, he just know to originally take charge of Shao to emit the thus strong risk incredibly wants to look for this to open mountain ax.
This bottom Wu Chang Feng pour to also release however, open the news of mountain ax if make open to go out, be good enough to cause Qian's working properly empire even is the turmoil of the whole day dollar mainland, for the sake of this thing, even if is emit decuple in risks like this are all worth.
"Open mountain ax,oakley titanium sunglasses?"
Tang Fei hides at this time the body is in the dark place also according to sparse hear these 2 people's conversations,
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