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TOPIC: without intermission and around the huge bear turn a turn

http://raybansunglassesukstore​ without intermission and around the huge bear turn a turn 11 months ago #101423

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Of attack scope.
Suddenly, the ray of light in one regiment soil yellow is in the huge bear mouth Shan now, change into second a quickly passing time facing dint rapid shoot to go, iron carry the only a technical ability of bear on iron's back:Ground, it attackstones dint an equal to soul will of with all strength one shot,, only have the second dint of six class awakenings, the slightest don't dare the gist, huge sword in hand the rapid dance move, all over the body sword light flickering, deploy built-up defense,
"Ding ……"
If gold iron hands over a Ge voice, both collide to break out a bright ray of light, only ball the moment is broken up order some Huang only, finally classify nihilist.
The "Deng,, Deng and Deng ……" second dint fell back several steps and backed an one stepped and then left a profound footprint on the ground each time.
The soul wood arrives at second dint nearby and looking at huge bear, way:"Its strength don't be hard to touch with it far above us,
cheap oakley sunglasses store, basically isn't an opponent on the strength.Visit Dou with it."Although iron carry the body of bear on iron's back huge, attackstone dint violent.But the huge body also lets it lost speed advantage, the quick in action of far not equal to mankind, the body slightly shows bulkily.
Smell speech,, the second dint is then a little bit tiny to nod,
lentes ray ban, bring up huge sword the facing huge bear offend to go, this time no longer with it face to face hard anti-, belong to the speed of six classes awakening to to the utmost show, the huge sword in the hand didn't split to chop down for a while for a while.The soul wood grips lance, without intermission and around the huge bear turn a turn, the opportunity to look for carries on a weakness attack.
The huge bear bellows repeatedly,, but the but again is helpless, the huge body lets it avoids very difficult, wanting to attackstone can beat each time at vacate, 2 people basically the at enmity with Be hard to touch, all one shot namely back, this lets it suppresses to bend very much, this but have a history the most timid combat, so,, huge bear Nu,
red louis vuitton.
The ray of light in soil yellow quickly overalies body form and lets the defense dint of huge bear ascend a step more, the sharp claw son sends forth the yellow light of You You, is constantly brandishing on all sides, rub "Yi Yi" with air to make to ring.A rant, the direct facing second dint claps.
"The second dint stay away quickly, can not be hard to touch."The soul wood greatly drinks a way.The second dint also discovered huge bear with just of dissimilarity, at least vehemence more of the Ning is solid, spare no effort of toward flank a jump.
Just of the place of dint violent explosion happened, the mud was dispersed to fall thick and fast, one meter grows of in circle pit started to emit smoke and dust repeatedly,
lancel bags 2013.Secretly the second dint Za gives up:"Darling, if this clapped presumably don't even remain residues in my body,"
Abnormality in soul Lin Xin of anxious:"Root if this continues
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