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  • anmbavas3rq
BE Be not willing to suffer a los of lord, draw back troops can, however can back Chen five cities go, as long as you saint return, this emperor issues order that the whole army sends backs five lines of boundaries again with western, will to the east the one who return to fix for your mankind!"
Han Yun ha ha a say with smile:"That reached agreement verbally,
cheap oakleys sunglasses for sale!"
The demon emperor flicked the way of waving hand:"Go to,
oakleys sunglasses,!"
"To, Han Yun still hasn't clear one matter!"Han Yun strange tunnel:"According to reason this any boundary in should the nobody can can harm you, exactly who harm you so?"
Demon emperor the jade tooth tightly bite, thin way:"This tries to pound at that to forbid to make, drive anti- bite harm!"
Han Yun cans not help suddenly and hesitated a way:"To don't show me probably I have a way also perhaps!"
Peep out the color of doubt in the demon emperor's eyes, shook to shake head a way:"Need not, this of the wound is fairy dint to,
buy oakley sunglasses,, with this fixs for, haven't liked for just about two years, you can have what way!"
Han Yun cans not help one one act that saw in the demon boundary in those early years of being surprised, suddenly thinking of, the light beam of a fearfulness made track for to kill a head of nine tail bewitching fox in the sky, is an at present bewitching emperor,, her wound be at that time be subjected to,
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"Words can not say so, probably does the my son-in-law really have a way!"Han Yun to oneself of five lines of crumple legality to have much of confidence, as long as the composing that can analyze an energy, basic can imitate.
The demon emperor sees Han Yun the appearance that confidence is hundred percent and can not help have a little the idea moved, that day and night suffers pain and sufferings of fairy dint molestation really too suffered, let this boy take a shot again no harm, probably really have miracle also perhaps, he that flower bud-like in shape method Zhang is implicit the energy of a fairy dint property.
"Is all right!"Demon emperor light tone way, unexpectedly have a little Niu Ni ground Le rise gusset, peep out a small piece Ying white of wrist,, that skin is used to blow to play indeed to come to describe also not for lead.Han Yun inwardly praised highly for a while and stretched out two according to on that Hao wrist, the touch is soft slippery, enrich elasticity very much,
lancel roll'n rock bag.Can not help on the emperor of the demon that cold gorgeous face tiny tiny a red, lightly coughed 1.
Han Yun lays aside heart in of exquisite, together work properly dint to explore, roved around 1 turn inside the body at the demon emperor, discovered to indeed as expected have very special strength is constantly eroding demon emperor of internal organs, although have been very weak, however destructive power is very astonishing,, if not that bewitching the emperor fix for deep, the body organ has already come to a from the degree more,
oakley sunglasses online, afraid of internal organs early already be eroded light.
Han Yun can not help pouring to take a suck at an air conditioner, complexion dignified tunnel:"
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