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lancel wallets online see other tables also already basic sit full.Person's voice is boiling
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TOPIC: lancel wallets online see other tables also already basic sit full.Person's voice is boiling

lancel wallets online see other tables also already basic sit full.Person's voice is boiling 11 months ago #101328

  • qye4caawq96
Dummy, the eye pupil son stares almost drop out, two females are more embarrassed to go to a pole.
At this time, rush to come over a staff, come over to bow a way:"2, please arrive a this place female the seat sit,"
2 people still have some not to wish and wish,
lancel wallets online,, somehow is the second to make seating arrangement to place.Didn't expect, the staff hand is 1, point to the position beside the chairman.Two females hurriedly heel past, behind that male guest disappoint to write to fulfil the quota a head.The staff arranges two females to sit down in chairman's rear row and leave a chairman to only have 1 table it to separate.Two females mutually see a to smile, happy go to a pole, heart's knowing is necessarily that dint arrangement of, a short moment was full of good will to this old man,, this table of have already continuously sat some wear a gold to wear a silver, the Yong permits elegant dame, Ling every where on sweeping, see other tables also already basic sit full,'s voice is boiling, clean is some ceremonious words that each other exchanges greeting.At this time, across 3, 4 tables of at tables, she recognized to together have a meal at Zhao Jia Yi's building at that time of call Wu Lao Er of that helps the son the person.Follow to downwards see, indeed as expected often four tigers in the house also in , at the right moment the back towards her and talks just happily with Wu Lao Er.The red Ling wishes and control breath to pour well,
lancel occasion, be not taken by the authorities.Hardly realizing, red Ling teacher and pupil later on, often four tigers in the house are passed by of the officer Be bad to take down.But they once say to is to give master the son to hold a birthday party, the authorities immediately puts a person.Be showed from this at that time officialdom of rotting and dusk.
The red Ling has heart to listen to they say what, then stick out ear, will read dint concentration.This is the teacher Niang to teach to her Japan and only occult art in the door, named:Quiet ear Shu.Will read dint to concentrate ear while using, adjust breath, remove miscellaneous read, inside all of the dint accept to return pubic region.Split second effort then the head pure ear work properly, the voice is enlarged several on all sides, Wu
Is old two that open widely the trumpet mouth comes out of the words once wore miscellaneous seven miscellaneous eight voices, float into red Ling ear.
"I say several to elder brother in the house often, you can make me worried to die, the brothers still thinks that you trample kiln not to become anti- be taken down."
"Be be, several elder brothers waited you for a night,
ray ban sunglasses for women."
That often the orotund way of eldest brother:"Wait us for a night,
cheap oakley sunglass?Depend, be not in the free and unfettered Ge, drink while hugging small Niangs son to wait us?"
It is public to coax to smile.The free and unfettered Ge is exactly one of the brothels of the Luo redest sun.
Is often old three blow a way:"That our elder brother in the brothel was several to lift to much and easily take down separately.Came to night not just for sending some wedding present of elephant kind for Zhao Ye, and then walking more trip."
"That tramples again what?"Wu Lao Er asks.
"Hey Hey, didn't you see?The gold Buddha of a per Chinese foot Gao."
"Alas!, that can be worth of not thin?"
The red Ling is dark surprised, gold Buddha,
lancel bags paris?Is an old laurel to want into the small gold Buddha of dedicating white Ma Si.But clearly see an old laurel lord servant 2 people enter white horse
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