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Make to ring, of private soldier, in full battle array, full of bellicosity, whole pack due-out,
louis vuitton bags official website, is again an innumerable offending city apparatus slowly being pushed front.The whole battalion in, only have that ambulation voice that offends the city apparatus Ga Zhi Ga Zhi.But the owners all know, quite at the moment, descend a moment the meeting be broken, here of it is clear day, soon meeting blood become river, the horizontal corpse time is wild.
The rear of the battalion, the Ji hair is some don't trust of ask flank of the son tooth way:"Prime minister, can we play a boundary card pass?Good dream the pass and green Long Guan there also all refused to budge, the Yan company's reinforcement was also constantly and continuously sending.Here we if can not open indentation, that will be dragged along into exhausted teacher."
Son the tooth is tiny tiny a smile to say:"Time before big king trusts, the tiny minister didn't don't act as well,, but sent a person to sneak in a boundary card to close and publicized pieced to teach to suffer utter defeat, Yan company the news of Wu.At present although it is said the Yan company's morale will resume, but still overcast have no dint a war.This time a few teacher nieces were all stayed here, also no longer feared to the Shu of the Yan company the side heresy in the door.This war, the our army necessarily wins!"
The Ji hair ordered to nod to say:"Have the prime minister this words, the Gu trusted.Yi, how to stop pushing forward front?What happened matter,
louis vuitton briefcase?Bearer sees what is the row,!"Ji hair suddenly detection slowly push forward of the battalion stopped down, even taking place the slight Sao is disorderly, let the Ji hair is greatly upset, in the heart not from get flash across one silk shadow,
sac easy flirt lancel.
Is very quick and then see receive orders but go to of the bodyguard take a private soldier to return.The Ji asks question a way:"Before take place what matter?The Er waits why stop headway, loudly clamor, disturbance military discipline?"
That private soldier very carefully saw son a tooth is one eye, immediately on grinding teeth,
ray ban wayfarer tortoise, the low voice says:"Report a big king, the boundary card pass city head appears several individuals, the roll call wants to see commander-in-chief.And,, and that person claims to be the righteousness elder brother of commander-in-chief and calls Sung rare person."
Son tooth originally for strange that private soldier's facial expression, smell the speech frighteneding a way at the moment:"Impossibly, Sung rare person early drive Zhou the king killed.It even if wasn't killed, had already also early turned to make a to put on loess at the moment.Tell me, that person what shape?"
The private soldier says:"Report commander-in-chief, see due to separating fartherly of isn't very clear,
ray ban av?ator, just see that person??????"Private soldier but is describe some kind of the person seeing of shape.
The son tooth smells a speech mumbling to oneself way:"Is impossible, really is the righteousness elder brother's shape??????"
The Ji hair sinks a voice to ask a way:"Still the father recognizes
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