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ebay sac lancel the attack dint is second only to thunder to fasten sorcery
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TOPIC: ebay sac lancel the attack dint is second only to thunder to fasten sorcery

ebay sac lancel the attack dint is second only to thunder to fasten sorcery 11 months, 1 week ago #98607

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The shot scope far and far stayed away of strong gale, in Huang Yan Xin not from must be a bit helpless.Don't accelerate technical ability, ran into now this circumstance still is really very helpless.
Simultaneously avoid being seen the attack of strong gale, Huang Yan part at consider from create the possibility of accelerating the technical ability.Can't, the attack of strong gale says to Huang Yan Lai, the most the mind that needs to divide one lesser half can stay away.But want to close to the other party, but almost completely can not do it.Under this circumstance, at yellow burning don't thought of solution before, also can consume like this.
Therefore, yellow burning with the combat of strong gale, look on the condition weirder.Although superficially look always is to have to the utmost advantage at the strong gale attackstoning, but it happened that his attack is almost complete to have no effective.Defendoof an one party to want generally speaking compare attackstone one larger of exhausting of square, but now, launch the strong gale of attack but is actually true on one's own initiative at of ratio Huang Yan consume big get many.Is it happened that he still doesn't dare to stop and want to escape, although his speed compare Huang Yan Kuai, the space battlefield so greatly , with the yellow burning speed, also impossibly leaves to him times for those two seconds of withdrawing the space battlefield.Most important of BE, even if he escaped and also impossibly and easily got away of, the outside surrounds of strong member Lin absolutely block him and fight for time for Huang Yan.After all, he now is apart from the exit and entrance that strong household wood halts ground is really some too faraway.
Is long to guard to necessarily lose, this sentence's in fact turning over to say is similar, long offend to equally and necessarily have flaw.The key of problem lies in which square peep out flaw like this first.With yellow burning and strong gale current circumstance to say, the spirit of strong gale is have been being placed in highly nervous status, but Huang Yan is the status that relaxs very much, both which the side can even insist being an obvious affair.About and wildly offended for five minutes after, after getting into a strong wood drive dish thou the Liao stir of some state of minds not and rather of strong gale, finally appeared a mistake first
All sorceries of departments are all special feature with respectively at in of, for example:Fire's fastenning the special feature of sorcery is to burst, the attack dint is second only to thunder to fasten sorcery, besides which, , the fire fastens an attack scope still all departments of sorcery in biggest of, bursting this special feature is an attack scope big main factor;Water's fastenning sorcery is defense and treatment, defense top although
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