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Time, I really is unexpectedly, be like you thus of what ability the mole cricket and ant all having no incredibly will have successful day."Raise breaking of hand inside arm, road virtuous Wei western apathetic face up climb full exasperation;"Lay aside you bad blood relationship with pass by, already emperor of you incredibly dare with death it get to cooperate, you since hope earnestly so emperor right, that good, I satisfy you.The sacred empire from now on will become history,, but you, will become the last generation emperor that the historical records jots down, take you the heart heart reads of power, die."
The last reprimands angrily to as if voodoo, let partition wear two sea of mainlands because of feel breath one Zhi, the chest immediately huge pain gets up, he sends out painful moan have no, kneel to pour in the ground.
"Since today, the north gets Na Wei second escape from sacred empire, and with thin Er Nai especially the identity of allied nations get to declare war to the moxa bitterness and the death.Any way will row into attack scope to help a country."
"His highness ……" does obeisance the voice of Lun misgiving to immediately after declare war to announce to ring out;"Archduke she …… you just said of assassinate success mean ……"
The "……" road virtuous Wei west has no according to the former habit and gives to interrupt the bodyguard whom oneself speaks to grow one dark thunder of recording, just knead in the hand of break arm to again raise;"Summer Er ·Fu Luo Lun the west have been already passed away.Die in the assassination plan that is got to associately incite by the sacred empire and the death.This is the only keepsake that she leaves."
Cold smiling face lets his murderous look more very,
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"Know to all, I am one cruelest spirit, you cooperated to harm die my blood alliance, this debt, I will with interest beg for back.At my vengeance troops before gathering,
louis vuitton designer purses, like time of enjoying the surplus well, I can't oppose you to symbolize sex to resist this time."
PS:I develop toward the HE as far as possible ……

Chapter 13 dances indiscriminately(two)

"Connect down, it's your turn, Du south count,
handbag gucci,"Once the empty vision turn and sweep toward the empire nobility that has already drenched with perspiration.
"Not!Not!Not!Archduke's being massacred don't relate to with me."Fu Luo Lun the death of the west isn't what he expects.The Du south repeatedly puts a hand, he also just acts according to the Mi of emperor to make with Ze of the designation handle affairs,, is of however is to sit on the long of castellan, the another idea has never beaten.
"You feel my meeting
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