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vente privee lancel "Know."
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TOPIC: vente privee lancel "Know."

vente privee lancel "Know." 11 months, 2 weeks ago #76970

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The vigor of youth,, just when the saint adds the eve that university wood's hospital advertises for employees,
vente privee lancel, excellent examinees of all countries all continuously arrived at this city, the building in the city is also various, each have a special feature, they are mostly come from to the hand of elite architect in all countries and the student.The city middlemen continuous flow, still have among them many wear saint to add the student whom universities and colleges wood takes, the company of street spreads is also can not count more,, one row row, a line of line postpone street to set up, mostly is all bookstore,
lancel bags nyc,, clothing store, weapon store and sorcery thing store, in fine a merchandise of words this city mostly all have something to do with saint's adding the hospital of university wood.
The square Xin a group of people arrives at saint to reach in addition to prosperous city, have no hasty go into the city, but turn to city side the good friend of Luo,
lancel bag, Bo Xun, set up of a big farm inside, temporarily settled down down over there, press a main tower tile of parlance already to Luo, Bo Xun,'s face, so every day take square Xin of seven purple gold coins are used as a place fee and wrap square the Xin whole regimentses and the heavy snow wolves of the first is three meals.
Arrive at a farm, square the Xin declared one to make everyone excited order,
lancel premier flirt bag, whole regimentses' taking a rest can get to city for two days in the free activity.Is public to listen to all happy must shout to jump like sparrows, all excitedly reach toward the saint together after promising to in no case will bring calamity toward the square Xin prosperous city to run.
Everyone walks behind in a little while, Luo's Bo Xun's husband and wife also take admire the Ni reached to arrive at square the Xin add the rules of Lin Da Dun's college according to the saint nearby, each solicit students to all want to hospitalize a forerunner to go to in brief investigate half month in advance especially.Rowling Nuo says to the square Xin:"Younger brother, we take Ni first to reach college, wait until next month solicit students to examine you must remember to come."
The square Xin in brief answers a way:"Know."
The square Xin finishes answering, asking of Luo, Bo Xun, and then small voice under Xin:"You really don't need we help you the identity for making to solicit students especially,
louis vuitton bags prices."
The Xin of the square ha ha break into laughter:"Do you think that necessity."
Luo, Bo Xun, listens to also say with smile:"Is definite to have no that necessity, my old Luos all took you, those small Zi sons still seldom poured you,
lancel bags sale."
2 people smile and admire Ni to reach to also walk to square the Xin follow, be the noodles of Luo's Bo Xun's husband and wife,, tightly feel square the waist of Xin, be suffused with red eyes Man the in fine threads watermark keep hoping square Xin, tiny Qi track:"Elder brother, you can want to hurry to a school, Ni's reaching will miss yours every day."
Luo's Bo Xun's husband and wife's in front that the square Xin nowise avoids as taboo lightly kissed red lips that admire Ni's reach, the soft voice said:"Stop worrying, there is also half for several months, the elder brother can also get to college in seek you,, till then you
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