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gucci sukey medium that cutthroat seems oneself hits a matchless sword long grass up
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TOPIC: gucci sukey medium that cutthroat seems oneself hits a matchless sword long grass up

gucci sukey medium that cutthroat seems oneself hits a matchless sword long grass up 11 months, 2 weeks ago #76795

  • ywdbmzfu23
." "Ha ha" is matchless not the slightest angry.The tone is light slow:"Now that you are my friend, so make me prove to see for you,"
"Prove?Do you want to prove such as the Ran?.
Any of eyes the tiny Mi rise, matchless at this moment, bring him a kind of felling that completely sees not and deeply, realizing suddenly of a month, increase how much real strenght, he basically has no from the guess.
Note:The words that sometimes occupy in the daytime, the fast food will chase two chapter renewals together in the evening,
gucci sukey medium, hope each book friend friend's understanding.After all in addition to code word outside.Each author has his/her own life.
Chapter 186 Wu Xiu
Is matchless tiny tiny on smiling, the vision throws toward the window outside of a certain:"Ha ha, what you say hides to fix a fairy and mean this assassin?
Any is stunned speechless and launches sense organs while signing.wWW,
lancel bags paris!
Is matchless incredibly from his eyelid the bottom disappear and wait when any reaction come over the other party has already appeared at cure building several unreals out of ten Zhangs in. Under night view, he carries on the back a double-edged sword"whole body white dress.Face night breeze, the dress Mei drifts, the light is deep such as the sea of the star sky, float however like fairy.
On appearing,
lancel 135, matchless net's his foot is the position of place.Suddenly expose a dark shadow, immediately change into one regiment lighting, penny is four,, dynasty four directions run.
Four dark shadows for looking exactly alike, dynasty four directions run away.
The unreal image divides time Shu!
"Is that cutthroat
Any is almost surprised to exhale, this is day and night the silver medal cutthroat that oneself guards against.
"I dislike the generation of assassinating the sneak attack most
The matchless corner of mouth takes several silk taunt and contempt.Stretch out a white temporary simple hand,, so lightly a put on.
Have no the creation of omen together silvery sword long grass in the unreal of front, at the right moment appear therein a certain.The throat of dark shadow.
Burst Chi!
The blood splashes and accompanies with one to bellow.That assassin breaks spirit to die.
From any of angle to see, that cutthroat seems oneself hits a matchless sword long grass up, then corpse foreign land.
The terrible silver medal cutthroat of dark blood dynasty is poured ground up, roll to fall of skull, that eyes top still takes an incredible facial expression.
From matchless make moves be over, till the last cut to kill silver medal cutthroat, altogether also just several efforts of breath.
Any not from to absorbed an one mouthful air conditioner, no wonder that matchless
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