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lancel reyes Settle down good after
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TOPIC: lancel reyes Settle down good after

lancel reyes Settle down good after 11 months, 2 weeks ago #76741

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Finally noodles, Chu's flying undoubtedly can also be stained with to order small light ah, although we ride of bluish green Jing blue tiger, take a brigade impressively is a strong saint class!
Is really 1 flock to still compare a group of cows and come to a saint class, Chu flies they undoubtedly be the most marvelous a group of persons of the whole avenues, the saint class is strong at ordinary times can't see more, appeared a while at this time two, how can don't arouse sensation, have some to have already the clandestine beginning of the person of heart probe to have them of identity.
Don't loiter about down the avenue, the card Si took them and directly turn to college of Royal,
lancel reyes, the game will carry on here, their accommodations are also arranged at here!
The college of Royal is undoubtedly also one to sell a gold and inset golden college,
lv factory outlet, the ground is placed in the most prosperous of big lord the street is one side, cover is also the comprehensiveness is huge, is just that the front door come to a the breadth of 50 meters.
Is impressively also to slip away a gold on Gao Da Dun's front door, it makes and from a distance looking at, that the golden light sending forth make people some to can not open an eye, in that Gao highly above, 'college of Royal'four big words impressively send forth purple of ray of light.
The purple crystal currency knows on seeing this being getting more luxurious of college of Royal, the whole front door all completely is spend money to pile up,
louis vuitton duffle bag, Chu flew to originally feel that he or she have been very rich, but and somebody else's this emperor's city was one ratio, he just knew, himself however still a miserable wretch!
"You is which academic?"Just arrived at the front of door, immediately an inside year man faced to come over and politely towarded card Si, they went one gift inquiry way.
"College of genius!"The card Si by this time turned over to turn over cold stare, incredibly even Lao Tzes are all incognizant.
"Like, that pleases each come over with me,
handbag louis vuitton!"Middle age man's pouring is to seem to be very polite and take public, led them into one to be partial to a hospital in.
Settle down good after, he also handed over to treat how many leave, it is having no matter to say don't run about aimlessly of type,, this really lets public heart in very not isn't the branch a college,,
lancel bags brigitte bardot?Is still true to be oneself is an imperial palace here,!
"Chu flies, is about to start a formal game after three days, you whether also all respectively of convalescent for a while, fight for fighting by the best status?"The card Si looking at Chu to fly to inquire,, Chu flies abnormal condition like this at, he basically didn't need to be worried,
lancel united states.
"E, teacher, this game exactly is how to arrange,"Chu flew to by this time and in detail inquire, until now, he isn't just very clear
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