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gucci shop on line 000."There is again a voice Zhan unsteadily ringing out under the stage
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TOPIC: gucci shop on line 000."There is again a voice Zhan unsteadily ringing out under the stage

gucci shop on line 000."There is again a voice Zhan unsteadily ringing out under the stage 11 months, 1 week ago #76535

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The minimum price is 30,000 gold coins, the Jing price doesn't get less than 3,000 gold coins each time."
The beautiful graceful voice just fell, started Jing price for someone and shouted a way:"30,005."
"30,008."The voice of price markup follows close behind afterward.
Underneath public beginning crary Jing price, the different meeting price has already soared to 90,000, all of the big parts of Jing price are souls to fix, after all a good weapon is equal to their second life.
The soul wood looking at Yu at the side of body boon and asks a way:"You took how much gold coin, can buy this water gold tears."
Yu boon the bitterness Xi Xi way:"I took 150,000 gold coins and rose a method according to this kind of, 150,,000 roots weren't enough,,
gucci shop on line, knew and then brought more some gold coin.**, This fixing all of idiocies for soul is bedlamites don't become, take not appropriate money of money."The Yu boon curses and scolds a way.
The present price has already risen to 90,000 gold coins, Jing price of also little many, although the person is little,the person participates in Jing price of is all rich, the price still keeps soaring all the way,
ray ban wayfarer size chart."100,000."The soul openings wood's way.
The beautiful friendship title tooks a look soul place wood's reserved box,
authentic lv bags, just other reserved boxes all participated in Jing price, there was for soul placed wood's No.4 reserved box no voice."Now finally Jing price."The beautiful friendship in the mind is comfortable one breath, toward a set next:"The No.4 reserved box rises in price now 10,000 gold coins, come to a 100,000, also have higher than this."Nuo friendship seductive eyes such as silk of looking at a set bottom, encourage that they continue to participate in Jing price.The set descends to all have no voice for a long time, after all 100,000 gold coins to who isn't all fraction eyes.
lancel bags 2013,000."Finally someone cannoted help but opening mouth,
cheap oakley sunglasses for women.
"120,000."The soul wood's voice's hasing been expanded sound is clear to ring out in the assembly hall.
"10 ……125,000,"There is again a voice Zhan unsteadily ringing out under the stage,
lancel mini flirt,, obviously this kind of price has already outrun his acceptance ability.
"140,000."Being public to can not help to this price is surprised for a while, this guy is too crary, rose all of a sudden about 20,000.
"Still have than 140,000 higher?"Beautiful friendship facing set the bottom ask a way.This time under the set is thoroughly have no voice, rise all of a sudden 20,000, have already thoroughly shaken Zhe to live public, beautiful the friendship ask 1 time again, is still that the nobody should answer.
"140,001 times" the hearts of Yu boon all correct tight, Be continuously to recite in mouth, "never someone at shout."
"140,002 times""140,003 times,, the Sir who congratulates No.4 reserved box successful Jing
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