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lv messenger bag but clear voice way
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TOPIC: lv messenger bag but clear voice way

lv messenger bag but clear voice way 11 months, 2 weeks ago #66638

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, Know don't dare the gist, hustle along a body form
At this time, Xie Yu Xiao yells a voice to spread:"The sun and moon absolute being sword returns"
Air must the sword spend abrupt however disappear, the sun and moon absolute being sword Sou of for a while,
lv messenger bag, take off together and only tail to fly to return to Yang Ling in Xie Yu Xiao's hand to scrutinize to go, see Xie Yu Xiao's hand hold sun and moon absolute being the sword Be just tiny to tinily looking at him to smile, immediately some Mengs, title see a night sky, he tees off of the boxing of "the blood kills a boxing"'s copying all have been already disappeared, is also say that"the blood kills a boxing" can not bring any injury to Xie Yu Xiao Yang Ling is very surprised, have some to dare not believe oneself's eyes, know, with he now fixs for, if this one punch is dynasty his host, Yang Cheng Zhi, beat to go, Yang Cheng Zhi in nowadays can not describe with a delicate touch of answered this one punch at present person is really connect next, not only connect next, and be like to beat a sky heavy cheapness unexpectedly looking at him to smile,
lancel bags online, that smiling face is very mean, seem care about is saying:Let I at eat an one punch
Indeed as expected, he this mind just flash across, Xie Yu Xiao mean say with a smile:"Strength shortage, again beat an one punch to try?"Yang Ling has a little nervous,
lv bag outlet, don't dare a boxing if list is to thank rain Xiao, pour a nothing important also,, but thank rain Xiao sun and moon absolute being sword in the hand now, person's sword unites as one, he really has no cure of success, even if go ahead regardless life to beat, most is also an end of nobody wins
"How?Be getting more afraid?"Thank rain Xiao to challenge a way, he finishes saying, don't wait Yang Ling's answer, but clear voice way:"Now that you don't make moves, I may make moves and still cure its person's body by his/her person's way, ' the blood kill a boxing'"
Because one blows up of voice, Xie Yu Xiao changes into one once again bloody, 1,100 record boxing shadow along with his double the boxing brandish to fly, the one punches all tee off than Yang Ling each time of the boxing copy huge several, the shadow that each boxing copies works properly to all work properly than of add ferocious, terror ……
Is public once again and cause a sensation a sun Chuan text in Europe to gather together all west Ting front of say:"The Ting of the west,, asks you the question"
"H'm?"The west Ting once turned head to say:"There are words saying quickly, do I still need to see rain elder brother Xiao how to vanquish working properly"
The sun Chuan text Hey in Europe Hey smiled 2 to say:"You and you rain elder brother Xiao walk recently, said to me your rain elder brother Xiao is exactly a person not?"The sun Chuan text in Europe is pure is meanly seek to take out a type O.K,
ray ban 4154. what he ask is a west Ting, if frost son, west Yu, perhaps he will be lambasted again a west Ting white one sun Chuan text in eye Europe, the look in the eyes moves to Gao Kong Shuo:"Being lazy must manage you"
Gao Kong, Xie Yu Xiao's"the blood kills a boxing" is a
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