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lancel outlet online then can go a dynasty end war with Wei Gu."
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TOPIC: lancel outlet online then can go a dynasty end war with Wei Gu."

lancel outlet online then can go a dynasty end war with Wei Gu." 11 months, 1 week ago #47305

  • vamphnbu62
The Wu 犇 Pai person falls flop a great deal of grease from the indentation and allow his effort again high, can not also from slip away slippery wall to climb to jump.
Wei's camp again starts to be strong offending afternoon, Wei Gu's going is iron the heart want to quickly take down river bank city, main force still regard indentation as principle offend object, at all costs, the Shi wants to extend indentation.The explosive of Wei's camp almost explodes in the indentation.After attack of the third three nights, the indentation is again extended 200% not only,
lancel outlet online, a great deal of mud is shaken a loose slide.Above the indentation soil city appears hollow, the valley Zhao exclusively sends Xu Wei the organization person's horse to continuously repair soil city.Kept on for few days again like this,, both parties death and harm innumerable, the indentation is then blocked up by the corpse,'s soldier tramples a corpse to offend city, the city descends very quickly and then form a corpse wall naturally.
The valley Zhao hopes a corpse wall, sad of toss around difficult sleep.The midnight could not sleep and get up a person alone to take a walk at the moonlight bottom.The Tu sees a shadow of human figure for acquainting with one Shan but leads and disappears in the building Yan.The valley Zhao quickly lifts a body to make track for to go and made track for half of two-hour period, arrived the pretty girl lake front out of the camp.The crape that sees have long time no see the female positive Qiao living to sign in the by the lake.
The valley Zhao faces this to acquaint with and the unfamiliar woman temporarily doesn't know to say what.Rain floats has way;"The valley eldest brother should can't make it lively for young girl."
The valley Zhao shakes head a way:"You lead me to come to this, don't make it lively for me, the valley is some to be getting more unusually lucky."Say can not help thinking of after the little wood on that day mountain first time to mutually meet and then wore the way that rain floats, it is thus clear that this female's scheming always very deep, can only cherish afterwards still drive it outward appearance captivation.
Rain floats a small way:"The valley eldest brother is steady heavy, the speech is wit humor,
cheap gucci handbags, the green whistle elder sister is really good luck, the young girl admired valley eldest brother most ."
Zhao way in the valley:"What rubbish and directly said, your my position is different,
premier flirt lancel, always can't the dead hour Be risky to go to this, be say these good to listen."
Rain floats a way:"That I keep saying Luo, the valley eldest brother house heart considerate and generous, want to end this war soon?"
The valley Zhao Leng way:"Certainly ……" valley Zhao is worried that rain floats a set of words and quickly shuts up.
Rain floats ha ha on smiling, "need not valley eldest brother say, I also guess, volunteer army Tun food has be not enough in January and not end afraid of public of warfare again to living to change."
Zhao in the mind in the valley has to admire the idea that rain floats, either carefully airtight.
Rain floats a way:"So, my daughter comes to tell valley eldest brother a , you need a challenge, then can go a dynasty end war with Wei Gu."
Zhao way in the valley:"Even if I think, that Wei Gu goes clearly advantage in the body, perhaps also can't the Gu body make insurance, is this inadvisable plan."
Rain floats to say with smile:"This you haven't to know, Wei Gu goes clear noodles up occupy advantage, not actually so optimistic.At present and rather brocade a take a warfare to become critical.Greatly clear
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