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, "Boy, you can think it over,, the parties of Kun Lun but world the biggest parties,, the I is too up a Kun Lun to send elder, do you know what the pupil that you did I represents?Representing you can not only learn highest fairy Jue, more is own to send similar position in the Zhang door with Kun Lun."
Listen to the jade Islamic person's words, the bore jade was just title to see his one eye, it was cool to exert in the eye, towarded jade Islamic later on the person say,,, "sorry,
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[ ]
Chapter 14 takes backing as to enter
Bore jade head the facing that doesn't return as well outside walk to, China the moon looking at bore jade to walk to went out, the nature was to follow to walk to go out.In the underground laboratory left one face ill-wisher China Anne and full face astounded facial expression of jade Islamic person, he is to completely don't understand at this time, oneself all already bright Be from, how to still probably don't promise bore jade?
Looking at jade Islamic the person is the appearance that cans not distinguishes condition, China Anne walks and come forward to go and clapped to clap the jade Islamic person's shoulder, although abnormality in heart of happy, however is also remind for a while,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, the person of jade Islamic towards jade Islamic the person say, "old miscellaneous hair, notice the attitude that you talk, don't always so consider as correct, you think you is the Kun Lun sends of too up elder, the somebody else must do you of disciple?"
To China Anne once investigating bore jade life experience the nature is some understand bore jades why the meeting brush-off jade Islamic person,
wholesale NFL Jerseys, and although he doesn't think bore jade drive jade Islamic the person rend away, however 2 people is after all also the friendships with last a hundred years, China Anne this just good-heartedly reminded for a while, but the jade Islamic person have some to interrogatively ask a way after listenning to China Anne's words, "I just of isn't the attitude very good?"
"Is not not good, just consider as correct too much, you this words if probably will think in the other people's eyes you this is to have the superior the manner, however in front of bore jade, not make!"China Anne towards jade Islamic after listenning to the jade Islamic person's words person to say,
lancel handbags paris.The jade Islamic person listenned to China Anne's words eyebrows wrinkly to consider over there.
Think a previous facial expression of bore jade, the jade Islamic person is to understand some, and is to took a look China Anne later on, suddenly realize and generally point at China Anne to say later on, "old deathless of, you say you whether early know a meeting so?Want to see me to bring shame is be not,, anyway this disciple I am to accept to settle, if you don't help me, I don't walk."
"Oh, unexpectatively you the open Kun Lun send too up elder to reside
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