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TOPIC: why be good at to rush my all flowers valley

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"The ghost king didn't like saying of spirit.
"Hum, also want to escape at me, boy, you are mankind, unexpectedly and the soul thing collaborate with together and be to put~to deat."The all flowers mother-in-law really has to kill an idea.
"Etc., old demon old woman, I from think don't give offense to you, you cut me down, impervious to reason also just, still want to really kill people not to become."The Fu Yu in the sky loudly asks a way.
"Hum,, you want that dying is all difficult, however I this all flowers valley absolutely allow of no to allow a soul thing to come in, the soul thing on your body, have to die."The all flowers mother-in-law just moves this method definitely, unexpectedly is beginning,
"Boy runs and hurries toward the southeast direction."The ghost king shouts loudly a , the Fu Yu in the sky immediately turns around and then runs,
cheap handbags wholesale, the ghost king's words absolutely escape however two women of meeting mind readings.
"Want to run."The all flowers mother-in-law sneers at a , once the hand flick, a soil wall appears at the turnip that the Fu Yu in the sky is a front, covers with at the same time Yu tie in the sky toward the Fu but goes,
"Yi,, Shu method?" At this time, southeast direction a light Yi spreads,
george gina lucy online shop, three shadow of human figures appear over there at the same time.
"Depend, old ghost, originally you know to come to savior."The Fu Yu distress flash across in sky is those turnip, he really annoys although be sealed, the internal injury has already had an amendment and display skill or have no much great problem of,
louis vuitton cheap handbags,, the unreal image is fond of Zong skill although the speed there is no propping ups of true spirit slow a lot of, but is not so easily either be tied up.
"Fart savior, that is that your personal enemy isn't very good, forbids a valley of old deathless, however you can once escape a to rob today and also really see theirs."The ghost king lambastes,
Fu Yu immediately silly eye in sky, this just discovers, at present 3 people, falsely forbid a valley seven in of three, how did they find out to come here,
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Chapter 113 all flowers kills brutally(the second is more)[this chapter word number:3108 latest renewal time:2011-04-12 22:26:58.0]
The all flowers mother-in-law also saw 3 people who forbid the valley, this 3 people respectively is the sword that falls a month unfrequented month, heartless Wu Zun Wu way day and Ba unique knife often Ba the sky be at the beginning forbiding a valley, the Fu Yu in the sky has never beaten to hand over a way, but once seen them with them at leave more an army in of severe,
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"You are whos, why be good at to rush my all flowers valley?"The mother-in-law of the all flowers is wrinkly eyebrows, forbiding all of 3 people in the valley is eight class Wu Zhe, unlike Fu Yu in the sky this severely wounded
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