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alma louis vuitton Thousand leaf the white Hui son way
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TOPIC: alma louis vuitton Thousand leaf the white Hui son way

alma louis vuitton Thousand leaf the white Hui son way 11 months, 2 weeks ago #34482

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Chinatown?"Man the finger of the Sen knocks table:"Do not kill a young boy,, do you why not go by yourselves?"
Thousand leaf the white Hui son way:"Our hands are limited!If we can complete a task in person and why the need for come to bother again man Mr. Sen,
alma louis vuitton?"
The man Sen points at photograph to ask:"He hides in the Chinatown of where?"
Thousand leaf the white Hui son way:"According to the dependable news, he hides building at the China martial arts in!"
"China martial arts building?!"Man the eyebrows of the Sen Be wrinkly to get up, peeped out very upset air on the noodles,
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Thousand leaf white Hui the son caught a man the Sen is this not that obvious facial expression, she sounds out to ask:"How?Does man Mr. Sen know this martial arts building?"
"Not only know!Did my his mama still once exchange blows with them!"The man Sen bites a tooth to say:"If not that front segment the time government stare at tightly, my his mama early take a person to seek to come go to!"
"?"Hear a man Sen this time words, thousand leaf white Hui son heart in dark pleased, she asks:"Does man Mr. Sen how can take place to rub with the person of China martial arts building?"
The man Sen throws away a cigar way:"I went to Chinatown and had a meal last time and saw an attendant little girl in the hotel grow not bad, I made her go out to play with me.Unexpectedly and at the right moment bump the person of China martial arts building to also have a meal over there, so ……"
Man Sen have never continued to keep on saying, thousand leaf white Hui son need not ask to also know, that of after affirmation is man the Sen ate stuffy Kui and lost face, so is just ashamed to continue to keep on saying,
Since understood a man the mindset of the Sen, thousand leaf white Hui son also more have confidence to seduce into wrong doing man Sen:"In fact with Mafia's influence in the United States, want to uproot only a martial arts building, absolutely is a very easy to do!Those people again badly again how wear, can they block bullet?Since man Mr. Sen is also like this to the China martial arts building of the anger hate, that not equal to we allied begin, China martial arts building to root out, how do you feel?"
Thousand leaf white Hui son while saying this words, equanimity of face like water,
handbag louis vuitton, imitate a Buddha just is discussing a pimping affair.This boldness of vision, make man Sen all not from get opposite front of the woman's in different light,
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Chapter 218 I still want you!
The man Sen pondered a short moment, eyebrow a pick:"Is all right!See the condition that you open enough not enough do I show interest?"
Thousand leaf white the Hui son hanged up to hang up finger, after death of two attendants immediately walk to come forward, action orderliness of put a leather suitcase in hand on the office desk, then the Hua ground drew back a leather suitcase, immediately after, they turned leather suitcase position, push over man the noodles of the Sen
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