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TOPIC: you seek dead not become

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The virtuous master smells speech, tiny ponder a short moment, suddenly openings way:"Being this person to living noodles so much is familiar, she should be the fairy Xia parties pupil, I remember to would be she identifies you is nine You the person of the evil religion."
Qin Nan smells speech, cold cold on smiling, way:"Is quite good, this person is exactly the fairy Xia parties pupil Wang Yan Fang, on that day,,, she woulds be with fairy Xia the true person go to an unique fairy precipice together.At the moment, I take her and would be for making her say clear rights of the case."
Qin Nan says here and saw Wang Yan Fang's one eye chillily, way:"Wang Yan Fang speaks the affairs that you know all,!"
Wang Yan Fang smells speech, tiny hesitation a short moment, this just says:"Qin and Qin Nan's elder generation, you grasp me like this, I not say, rather you release me, I slowly tell you again,
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Qin Nan smells speech and sneer at a , way:"I if release you, you be not then would not like to tell the truth."
"Brave,, Qin Nan, you unexpectedly dare to be us four front door parties of noodles, humiliate our person of five parties alliances, you seek dead not become?Still release her not and quickly!"
The Hao justice sees Wang Yan Fang's seeming don't completely compromise to Qin Nan and immediately let go of heart and towarded Qin Nan to greatly drink to scold.
Qin Nan smells speech but is on flicking long sleeve, take out a plain white cloth of writing the full word in the hand,
Lancel Outlet, pass to the kind virtuous master, way:"Kind virtuous master, public in, I believe your one person, please look over!"
The kind virtuous master smells speech, right away once connected a plain white cloth and read.
The Hao justice facial expression of the one side immediately became difficult to look, the vision saw go toward the plain white cloth, obviously is want and see the top write of what.
Qin Nan sees a form and sneer at a ,,, way:"Hao justice, you want to see then and directly say to would be, not necessary secretive,
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The Hao justice smells speech, in the heart not from have a fit, right away once turned round to go, way:"I when said to see, you unexpectedly didn't wish to let this lord see, this lord doesn't see would be.Anyway this lord mays be done just and sit keep, you aren't afraid you to sully this lord."
The kind virtuous master saw a plain white cloth on of contents after,,, but is facial expression to greatly change, because plain white cloth on of the contents is a fairy Xia parties inside a
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