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TOPIC: if connect down not what the words of new condition ……" Letting me unfortunately talking is medium.

http://new-era-caps-on-sale-sh​ if connect down not what the words of new condition ……" Letting me unfortunately talking is medium. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2470

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Just an exceeded a leg be dragged along by the ruthlessness reality pour, a bottom sits to in the ground. Every day and the small cherry hurriedly go up to hand him and put on the chair of audience seat. "Teacher Kai, seems I can not follow you in aftertime's period of time ……" little Lee depends tears cover the face on the chair-back. Everyone has no language very much,, you and the day has toward the house what enemy, think so to see their jollifications. So will son time, Kai again one of Sou appeared, he didn't also get down from the railing and kept throat to give° the circumstance to sa, "impending,,, that bond maid with homeward day disappeared and there had already been getting iner confusion." "How can, " small cherry the small voice say,, "just a short while time, and Chu farmland she just not drive medical class of lifts to walk." "Problem right here, " the Kai is slow tone, immediately after say again, "medical class of thinks that the that day lifted person to walk to self-provided medical brigade in the house, the day thinks again toward the house is is medical class of to lift person to walk, afterwards 2 a meet and discover who don't also lift, then dark department and then discovered severals being beaten in the corner dizzy again after rend away uniform and protect a curing of sum to endure, result be you see of so ……deep-fried pot Bai." Lo this son in disorder vigorously son, this is the responsibility division of labour don't bring clearly of harm, make you put a table, let you make to particularize, ate suffering now.

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"I think to occupy, " I took a look time, "luckily discover early,, ignore hijacker is which side, all affirmed don't walk far have no wood leaf, the day isn't easy to handle again to the house, can absolutely catch up with of, H'm, if connect down not what the words of new condition ……" Letting me unfortunately talking is medium.(Read the novel please keep firmly in mind) Just said a few times of words, original had already quickly spread to open indiscriminately at the Sao of day homeward seat surroundings small scope-because is take place just across the street vip reserved box area,
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