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TOPIC: actually is what appearance of person actually is what appearance of person 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2334

  • bpyajrugv39
Arrive you unexpectedly thus timid,, don't dare to come,
discount new era cap, this Zhang teaches of calculate, unexpectedly ruin in your this kind of person's hand, this Zhang teaches to really feel shameful!"
Another time and space turbulent flow in,
sale Cucci bags, bewitching valley in the sky is stuffy to hum a , despise way:"Originally evil door lord in the door is also only the generation of this kind of timid as a mouse, the old grudge of last time,, hasn't lord in this valley reported?Original plan today come on seeing Qin Nan's elegant appearance, see this evil door in the door lord, actually is what appearance of person, can the whole day the Xuan mainland stir turn everything upside down, however see now, disappear let it be!"
However, at by this time, suddenly the horizon appears a dark shadow and steps to get empty but goes, toward here flying.Is more and more near, more and more near, public this just sees clear, this person whole body black tunic, full face the color of the cold Jun, be not evil is Qin Nan who again?
Immediately,, owner all the rashness moved, the present evil door fixs, is also a loudness acclaim way:"Evil Qin Nan!Evil Qin Nan!Evil door in the door main evil Qin Nan!Evil banzai,!The evil is long live......"
Momentary, the vehemence is high, even have many that spread to fix, there are also fixing of other groupseses, also cannot help but hallooing.
"Is Qin Nan's elder generation,, you see quickly,, Qin Nan's elder generation came,
NFL Jerseys Outlet,Ha ha ha ha.I know that Qin Nan's elder generation will definitely come of, he is my idol,, and how can frightened ancient evil son......"
", Everyone see quickly, is evil door in the door in the legend main evil Qin Nan, he came,, he finally came......."
But by this time, Qin Nan slowly floats to fall an unique fairy precipice, light on smiling, way:"Is ashamed, I evil Qin Nan came to night!"
On the seventh before, Qin Nan changes the body become six wing evil, the successful chain turned nine You evil fire, then used the seventh, study the way of chain machine, owned nine You after, evil fire's the Shu of chain machine soars, unexpectedly have been able to refine a rare article treasure as well machine.
The machine Wang Gu Xie's son smells speech and finally raise head and lightly saw Qin Nan Yi's eye, way:"Is no harm!I early think with once you fought, also the don't care waits more this momentary half to engrave!"
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