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new era caps on sale The fatty and Ping Chou Daos smell speech
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TOPIC: new era caps on sale The fatty and Ping Chou Daos smell speech

new era caps on sale The fatty and Ping Chou Daos smell speech 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2247

  • ajcprshh89
, Hence they at the same time to my China toward sending emissary, claim and China the dynasty armistice form alliance, now, estimate two squares' emissaries already on the road,, lead not how long then will get to capital city."
Square Zheng excitement of a clap a thigh way:"That is malicious to kill their 1!"
The fatty nods a way:"BE ah, the father emperor also intends so.His grandmother of, so several years, the Turkic person robbed our China dynasty how much good thing,, they occupied to beg us at present,
new era caps on sale, don't allow to pass them naturally."
Ping Chou Dao puts a speech way:"Blessing his highness king can know this emperor will send who and Turkic emissary negotiation?"
The fatty disappoints of shake head a way:"Have not settled, full dynasty text martial oneself only party in government hall up choke mouth skin son just the benefit Suo , on standing to the front of the Turkic human face,,, frighten talk all stammer, return how heel Turkic does the person talk?"
"Want to seek to there is a Zhi being brave and eloquence the extremely good big minister come out, what it is difficult also!Still have a headache now for the emperor of this matter father."
The square Zheng says with smile:"Knock a bamboo Gang to have what difficult?Who bid Gao we whom form alliance, directly throw this sentence to them, then we wait to accept silver."
The fatty and Ping Chou Daos smell speech,, Zheng without previous arrangement become overdo to stare at a square, in the look in the eyes full wearing a smile idea.
The Zheng of the square is stared at by them drizzle, not from vigilance way:"Do you think why?"
The fatty says with smile:"The full dynasty text force counts around, also square the elder brother had this ability, how, square elder brother, you for the sake of our China toward encouraging be difficult for it, knock Turkic the big bamboo Gang is once?"
The square Zheng shakes head a way:"Is not dry,!I want to pack a grandson and ascend the last dynasty every day and beat doze and go home to embrace a wife and drink small wine recently,,][/url], lookinging at of vision inhospitality Qin Nan, the corner of mouth suddenly peeps out one silk ferocious smiling face.Is close behind, the hands that see him, quickly choke method Jue,[/url], this kind of day fairies all envy to shout!BE full to support of negotiate, do you feel that I am so silly?"
3 people are saying words,
discount new era, suddenly Ya Jian's door is pushed away,, a slender pale green color figure,such as a butterfly sort of Pian Xian, flew to come in,
new era style hats.
"Admire!Know that you are here!Say!Does the having a meal why not call old Niang?"This person is absolutely a beautiful and vulgar comprehensive body, this person be not
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