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TOPIC: "This kind of Xiao is to isn't the public's goods

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Put a desk, the Four Treasures of the Study of table is well-found, on the piano beside the table, is a burnt tail piano.
The screen the right side is a bulky red paint post, one person of post eminence, hanged an a double-edged sword, there is also a jade Xiao.
The moment that sees jade Xiao, Yan vegetable plain foolish Leng for a while, what it acquaints with,
That day mutually mansion, after teaching with the square son of Die valley fairy hallucinogen, fairy in the Die valley once sent her jade Xiao one tube,
lancel premier flirt price, that tube jade Xiao, and at present this took care of, absolutely exactly the same.
Chapter 100
Even if the world jade Xiao form is all alike,
ebay sac lancel, but the likeness arrives completely similar, this some oddness.
At the same time white jade quality,, nine sections are six bore shapes,
Each stanza engraves different pattern, although the Yan plain vegetable has never kept in mind fairy in the Die valley to send too much as well to own jade Xiao up engrave what pattern,, thick on seeing,
new era 59fifty, and at present of what the tube engrave should be a similar pattern.
Two tube jade Xiao only different place, lie in jewel.
Fairy in the Die valley sends her is on taking care of naked Xiao, don't decorate any jewel, but at present this tube jade Xiao,, the lower hem fell to one tassels in goose yellow of fleeing.
The Yan vegetable vegetable sees of appear lost in thought, connect dollar the Min soar and when come back all and have never discovered, knew his a voice, she is just surprised to feel.
"Like that Xiao?"
The Yan vegetable vegetable didn't answer, but asked a way:"This kind of Xiao is to isn't the public's goods, a stall up have everywhere of sell?Become to criticize production?"
The dollar Min soared a canthus to have muscular spasms for a while, he had a liking for to go and be so like a person of having no personal status?
"This is called nine section white jade Xiaos, is diedly make the Xiao Gao Ren Yi's a life time it make, totally have three to take care of, be worth of very valuable, is an extremely rare jewelry."
The dollar Min soared to say a time of of the background and Yan vegetables vegetable of jade Xiao, Yan vegetable vegetable tiny shocked,
Such as if be really what extremely rare jewelry be worth of very valuable, such as if oneself's hand inside of is these three tube of a, that she not is picked up one one huge cheapness.
Had a liking for should be that at that time original pike head Fu, still felt afterwards oneself be played by fairy in the Die valley, wanted to come, this tube jade Xiao,, not the consciousness changes how much original pike head Fu.
"Only three tubes, that rest two tube bodies where, do you know?"
The identity background of fairy that is arousable to want to investigate a Die valley, Yan vegetable the vegetable openings inquire,
NFL Jerseys.
The dollar Min soared to see her one eye, and then tooked a look the jade Xiao on the wall, smiled a to smile and shook:"Do not know."
Yan plain vegetable in the mind, a bit very small lose, however is also turn in a sudden namely die.
Fairy in the Die valley shows her by mask each time
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