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lancel premier flirt "The west receives to say with smile.
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TOPIC: lancel premier flirt "The west receives to say with smile.

lancel premier flirt "The west receives to say with smile. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20020

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A sword teacher also listens to.Yang Fan is more interested in, this can compare to go to the movie much trueer, this is the difference boundary have no byroad?Shake,
lancel premier flirt, Yang Fan also not much thought and continued to looking at.
"You don't want to be me as a bad person,is you not also similar?Unexpectedly I sneak into to admire Wei household for three years, thing didn't get,
cheap lancel bags, but not equal to you just came to a month of strong.Thing you got, but because of real strenght of not help, therefore you need our protections, otherwise at enchant forest in, meet a little bit strong evil monster, you only became their foods!Ha ha~!"The west receives to say with smile.
Hear if the west receive, Yang Fan is very interrogative, thing!Is their exactly wanting admiring Wei household to seek what things,
lancel adjani bag?
Respond with Yang Fan 's dissimilarity, right bower then face ascend cold come down.
"Does the west receive me not to know what you are saying?What person are you exactly,
cheap hats?"The right bower asks a way.The right bower seems to be pretending ignorance, however is rare Luo and another sword teachers all looking at right bower chillily,, they to admire the Wei household still have a little loyal.
"Your stem what looking at me like this?You don't be cheated by him, with my real strenght all not equal to he, how can from admire Wei household to steal things!"The right bower becomes nervous a way, he really feared rare Luo 2 people to kill him.
The words that hear right bower, rare Luo 2 people feel also right.The sword has already held in hand, original 2 people all a little bit frighten into inaction of, they have a target now, that is to exterminate at present of the west receive 4 people,
cheap hats, problem etc. of the right bower brings back he admire Wei household again say,
"Ha ha!Do you want to resist?Do you think that the meeting is our opponents,'t think that our real strenght only has a big sword private, isn't your opponents,, but the environment in nowadays,, suit our exertion most !"The west receives to say and seem to be not rare the Luo and another sword teacher put in the eye.The west received to immediately after say for a while:
"Right bower, you not is want to know our identities?I can tell you, can't make you die, either so ambiguous, ha ha!Listen to clear, I was the captain that the cutthroat labor union hunts fox squad-the west receiveR26;Do obeisance boon, also have me ain't a warrior, but six class robber concealed."Finish saying, with the west receive for head of 4 people, concealed become fascinated fog in.On the moxa Si promise orchid mainland,, robber generally can't frontal attack, unless have overwhelming real strenght.
See the spirit that 4 people are concealed to go into circumferential fog in, the right bower 3 people's heart lifts old Gao, don't dare the gist.
Although Yang Fan is outside 100 meters, but these robbers ask for help of fog spirit of concealed escape, basically could not once deceive Yang Fan 's eyes.The eye pupil in Yang Fan 's double eyes became gold red now
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