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TOPIC: is he to study in the outside

http://raybanoriginalwayfarerb​ is he to study in the outside 11 months ago #108183

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, He but know this Lee the jade farmland is in Chen Tang Zhen's energy and listen to Li Yu Tian's threat, at that moment once the facial expression change and hurriedly walk over there and pull a soft-voiced way of Xu Ze:"Ze, don't ask for him,, wait bottom not tidied up"
Looking at Xu Fu with nervous look, Xu Ze at heart flash across one silk warmth, light tone tunnel:"Daddy" trusts, is free of, he dares not offends mine!"
Puzzles at Xu Fu of in the vision,
louis vuitton factory outlet,, Xu Ze is smile slightly to smile, once turned round to go, pressed lock remote control under the solution, along with Ma Sara Di"Di Di.After 2 rings, then open a car door, from the car in took out a bag.
Xu Fu Deng's your book eyes looking at an at present car and looking at the son who opens a car door.He doesn't know what brand this car is,, but he still can see one this shape is extremely stylish of the luxurious place of sports car, this car affirmation wants to be more some than the Liu inside in the river City to so-calledly run Zhuo to want many valuable.
"Can the son how can have a car like this?Does he how can drive this car back?Did he drive whose car?"The doubt of Xu Fu's eyeful and shocked, also have be don't understand.
Xu Ze is from the car in took a bag, slowly stands up,
louis vuitton designer purses, smile to looking at Li Yu Tian's way:"How much does our house owe your bank?.
At this time, Li Yu Tian is slowly lookinging at the car of Ze, have already forgotten the abashed Nu of in the mind, at very foolish become speechless, although he also incognizant brand of this car, Li Yu Tian also very clear,, see the shape of this sports car, there is also that license plate number, know will never be what common BMW car of the type can compare.
Now he just and with full intention the earthquake is surprised,, Xu Jia's son exactly has now what position, is he to study in the outside?How can there is so expensive sports car?Could you also get hold of so good license plate number?
"Not, this boy only afraid is the car that lend other people, does he wear Yao to have a good car like this?Otherwise Xu Jia's can't connecting 40,
ray ban 3293,000 pieces,
lv bag price, either still doesn't rise".Li Yu Tian reminds oneself,
cheap oakley sunglasses china, will not be canned frighten by this car.
Listen to slowly at this time the Ze start to ask,, but Li Yu Tian is again strong from hum a track:"Owed 40,000 pieces".
"40,000 piece?"Xu Ze Yang Yang eyebrow, but is to open the paper bag in the hand, draw out one money of folding in the public and startled vision, but is suddenly and fiercely toward Li Yu Tian is failed past.
"Pa" the ground is a , this fold money to ruthlessly hit at Li Yu Tian of face up, Li Yu Wu who beat is one Leng, then another fold money failed come over,
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