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however this canyon is repeatedly greatly astonishing
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TOPIC: however this canyon is repeatedly greatly astonishing

however this canyon is repeatedly greatly astonishing 11 months, 1 week ago #108083

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Have just that terrible wound, soon up have already knotted blood Ba, and fast shed off, Tang Fei left shoulder in addition to that already ragged get shapeless blood dress can also according to sparsely see arrive just the trace left by combat, rest there still have the least bit maimed appearance
Tang Fei's round for a while left arm, have already as before revolve, have no big Ai again,gucci discount, a Shan body, Tang Fei has already landed at one canyon in
Time is urgent,, Tang Fei has to want in the shortest time in,ray ban aviator sunglasses sale, promote to ownly fix possibly for, Tang Fei just just fought with rhinoceros demon now a , and bomb it kills at own gold boxing under,wayfarer ray ban, Tang Fei then again looking for of no time for waiting to moreover an opponent
This is the old nest place of the old bear demon in last time, Tang Fei is outside the canyon can already according to sparsely respond the breathing of old bear demon, however this canyon is repeatedly greatly astonishing, plus an inside the Xing breeze force, the Tang Fei momentary is also hard to make sure its concrete position,lancel premier flirt bag, however this also not the ability is difficult to pour Tang Fei
Saw him fiercely Duo for a while a ground, immediately foot the whole slice of mountain ranges all followed to flutter,lancel handbags ebay, huge mountain stone continuously billowing and next from the summit of hill, fall into among that continuous valley,, bomb Long to make to ring, don't know of still think is a celestial spirits to get mad directly decline next the absolute being thunder wanted to bomb to be ground the whole slice of canyon
"Roar ……"
Hugely and loudly moved to indeed as expected disturb at in hide the old bear of body demon, how many years has it been since this canyon's no longer knowing was jumped a claim by it, always all no one or demon the monster dare to come to this to encounter a time and suddenly meet to greatly change today, old bear demon not from be furious a rant, unexpectedly and equally lead the surrounding world is some kind of turbulence
It this very obviously is in the demonstration, let the bewitching monster of outside retreat in the face of difficulties, don't come here rash, however it dreamed don't also thought of to here not is what demon monster,ray bans wayfarers, but Tang Fei,, Tang Fei at this time whole body all divine powers be sealed, he basically could not probe into the least bit energy to undulate
But old bear demon this hoarse roar but is the concrete position that exposed an old bear demon, Tang Fei is tiny tiny on smiling, the figure disappears all of a sudden at directly followed old bear demon Si to roar the direction spreading to make track for up at first
The front space a burst of fan receives,, Tang Fei apprehensives not certain, for a while lived a step, moved to vision the mountain wall of that canyon both sides top, this place unexpectedly still deployed closely of way line
These lines wasn't any article on seeing,, exactly also these lines to just cause Tang Fei to just can not make sure the concrete of old bear demon
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