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Migrant workers about the experience of being cheated candidates with the train crew training when Paul
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TOPIC: Migrant workers about the experience of being cheated candidates with the train crew training when Paul

Migrant workers about the experience of being cheated candidates with the train crew training when Paul 11 months, 1 week ago #108068

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a half lie: some had wanted to go when the long-distance car guards, the results he was sent as a night security, after a hard two weeks for nothing; in a small company as a secretary after the resignation ten days earlier this month he was training as a security guard also do not get paid ...... story of engagement with the train crew workers in Beijing Li 12 midnight every day will appear in the Shijingshan District Principal building entrance near the ancient city,toms outlet, he was a night security. But he originally wanted to be a long distance with the train crew, when the security is only sent by the company "training". Li said that in late October, he saw a self-proclaimed "the Beijing Jockey Logistics Co., Ltd." job ads Urgent long distance with train crew, city courier, stevedores, clerks. Advertisement,abercrombie, long-distance car monthly salary of 3800-4500 yuan, otherwise bonuses and subsidies, after passing the interview posts will sign a formal labor contract. October 22, the left and advertising on the telephone, a Manager Zhao let him to the Community West Bridge subway station near the Third Ring Road of East Asia Building, 18 floors in a room interview. In front of the room without any company logo, the house door only two people, a simple chatted, Mike offender is requested to sign a handwritten simple contract, and contract Mike has not. Then he notice to a security company training, in order to get a card. After the training location to the Shijingshan District, Mike made a one security service, Li came to realize that training but it was as a security guard. Every night, he was on duty in the building entrance from work until 8:00. Although not learn anything, but in order to work, Li insisted dry for 15 days. Once again find the Manager Zhao, Li thought can be long-distance escort, the other left him to contact a Li,mulberry, this location has also changed in the five rings of the South Temple Road, Daxing District,The high imitation RMB weighing the credibility of trafficke. Li arrived in a cottage area, the door hung a certain stevedoring companies brand. This time, Mike is no longer trust each other, and call Manager Zhao asked,hollister, why always let him go as a security guard, stevedores, the other explained only when the stevedores to let him learn to code goods. Li proposed to quit, want to return when the 15-day security wages, the other hand, said "I have to confiscate your training fee". One is not suitable for the boss kick the outside another hero Mary (a pseudonym) suffered easier. Her find a door and window company in the history of the Changping District, Village of the copies of the work of the secretary, the two sides did not sign any contract, verbally only 1,500 yuan a month of good wages,mulberry outlet. Dry from October 17 to October 29, Mary suddenly the boss informed, she is not fit for the job. Mary was soon fired. Mary then beg for wages to the boss, but the boss ignored. Until today, Mary continued to call my boss, to negotiate on their wages. Meanwhile, yesterday there are media reports, the Tongzhou migrant workers to help others whitewashers, the same did not sign a contract, same job did half a month, the result was not to discuss wages. Contractors stopped the car, a 50-year-old worker was hit foreman killed with a brick! The parties to the investigation company to take the information provided by the Li yesterday, reporters call the job ads Tel,Young woman posing unmarried children of senior ca. Responsible for recruiting Manager Zhao said that they have a business license, the Beijing Jockey logistics company address in Daxing,abercrombie france. Reporter query found on the website of the Trade and Industry Bureau,mulberry outlet, Beijing does have a fluent Logistics Co,louis vuitton outlet., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Group Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Peng-Lung automobile service trade, but the location is in the Shunyi District, rather than in the Community West Bridge, is not in Daxing District,louis vuitton. This morning, the reporter with real Beijing Jockey Logistics Co., Ltd,Man holding a the Double Axes market assailant pol. contact, the other said the company initiated a restructuring since January 1 this year, has no business, but also did not send any recruitment advertising, no one in the public interest West bridge the East Third Ring Road Building recruitment. This is an out-and-out fraud. Know Mike cheated, the company responsible person to their reputation also affected, will safeguard their rights. Weapon contract is the most effective weapon for Mike, Mary, job when they are in a weak position, job units often do not sign a contract and they signed the contract does not give them a they can not even their rights do not know what,abercrombie france. In this case, what they have to protect yourself This morning,toms shoes, the reporter contacted a number of legal experts, they have emphasized the formal labor contracts to protect their rights the most effective "weapon". If there is no contract, there is a dispute, it can only apply for labor arbitration. Wei Xiaodong of Beijing Huiyuan Law Firm lawyer also mentioned,mulberry, usually care to preserve the payroll slips, passes, clothes, etc., these can be able to do in the future evidence to prove the existence of the fact that labor relations and work units, in order to recover wages ,ray ban. Our reporter Xu future
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