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sac lancel 1876 you back first to open and let me solve these guys first."
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TOPIC: sac lancel 1876 you back first to open and let me solve these guys first."

sac lancel 1876 you back first to open and let me solve these guys first." 11 months, 1 week ago #107914

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Ring out,,
sac lancel 1876,, huge strength give°ed his body to back to go out.
Those cutthroats are also in succession of countermarch, the sword in the hand is to continuously vibrate, the top was also an overlay to ascend the 1 F ice frost.
sac lancel, burning star orotund one Shan, moment of emergence at burning wood of nearby.Just really like dangerous, O.K. he is heel at behind.Otherwise brother-in-law probably now already the horizontal corpse ground ascend.
Small star, how did you come back?Burning wood but is some exasperation of staring at and blazing star way.This kid is absolutely not simply obedient.
Brother-in-law, sorry,
louis vuitton louis, the burning star stares at him way:"But I really can not follow you closely for where I sacrifice."
You were a burning star, all of those cutthroats were dead dead of staring at and blazing star.This is them real target.
Is quite good, I was your targets, the burning star stared at them way:"Just you were to almost kill my brother-in-law, you were a to also want to return to today."
Your pouring is a very big tone!All of a few cutthroats stare at a burning star chillily.Although just burning star one shot forced they backed.But they will never think that the burning star can kill them.To know they can are all superior who approaches rank highest point in a sky.If several people cooperate, is the superior of saint rank, is also some troublesome.
Being arrogant isn't big, after a while you knew, burning the star looking at burning wood way:"Brother-in-law,, you back first to open and let me solve these guys first."
Is all right,, the burning wood tooks a look burning star way:"Your caution is getting more some."He also knows that by dint of his real strenght basically helped not and up what favour, it even will trouble small star.
A starlight slowly shines from the burning star body, double eyes in the starlight is to continuously gleam.Stare at those cutthroats chillily,
sac a dos lancel, the strong breathing is to completely rear.
Kill, a few cutthroats are cold to drink a ,
bagagerie lancel, a few figures are to rush at a burning star.The arrogant sword spirit is to cover with to burning star.
Starlight in the burning star eyes continuously and suddenly and violently the Shan wear, this life stars in the body continuously flows out, star dint of gushes, the stars out of the body's guarding is also more and more prosperous, complete of which the vitality flowing out block at the body is outside.Cold ice method's working properly is also tiny to tinily vibrate, a cold ice power is also a continuous run off,
lancel maroquinerie,, 1 F of the body of burning star the cold light is also to gleam, surroundings of the space in a twinkling descend, ground on was also a Ning to become one built-up ice frost.
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