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lancel paris 7 the teacher is to is me but die
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TOPIC: lancel paris 7 the teacher is to is me but die

lancel paris 7 the teacher is to is me but die 11 months ago #107730

  • azgsaaag52
But die, unexpectedly have no the last side that can make him see love Tu.
Li Tian Long starts to re- embrace to fly in the void son an icy cold stiff head already,, tears slowly slide, the drop is in flying in the void the face of son and hit that frost on the face a point to order flower.
Say what fairy the door didn't contend for and said what fairy is the door without the desire?Fly in the void son suddenly and violently corpse wilderness, why exactly?Not just you does the various fairy door fly in the void a door to embrace to have prejudice to me?
Is all right, from now on, my Li Tian Long is as unable to co-exist as everyone.
Li Tian Long is from the waist a pulled a Gang a double-edged sword for a day, the sword body blue light shone on the one You is blue,
lancel paris 7,, seem to be ferocious to terrible on all sides.
Suddenly, Liu Fei Xu squatted down body and turned over to open the cuff of sleeve of flying in the void the son to say:"Etc., seem here word."
Flew in the void son unexpectedly in being in the article of death to before bite open finger,, writing on the cuff of sleeve indeed as expected dying testament:
"Fly in the void many pupils and north sun many pupils to listen to make:
Fly in the void son misery,, the fairy life has been already exerted today,
oakley sunglasses for cheap, not manpower BE.The life number early has a sky to settle, can not force, public all should adjust nature's law, ten thousand can not seek anyone to look for enemy.
Dragon in the sky,
gucci sale online, believe for teacher you far from and secretly the one who kill people to commit murder.
I go to after, flying in the void the door can hand over to have no way son to get generally, however have no a way son not intentional quiet fix, such as it not from, can make him specify the person of agency.Is in no circumstances, everyone wants to love and respect to let mutually, can not mutually deceit.
Body need not chain bead, cremate Be covered up to the Dian of flying in the void the mountain then.
Respect the ancient works in the teacher hall, public need to frequently add a cultivation, there is three Mi book in my Zhen,
mens oakley sunglasses, Li Tian Long can check, and the rest various person all and temporary can not steal.
Above various, if againsting is anti-, with the betrayal teacher theory place in the door, can totally put~to death it.
Is public to with one mind make an effort, develop my door, my dead have no Han Yi."
Li Tian Long reads to finish and cries a way:"Teacher, you believe pupil thus, but the pupil can not report your big enemy,
oakley sunglasses cheap, is the pupil on the hoof to still have what mean?"
Finish saying, he pours to lift for a sky, Gang a double-edged sword, suddenly a roars, alone jump to the top of hill.
He Xiao Yue a drag along Li Tian Long, cry a way:"Younger brother Shi, ten thousand can not excite, the teacher contains speech and revenges with the betrayal theory place in the teacher door, do you want to let his old man's house refuse to close eyes in death?"
Li Tian Long jilts to open what the Xiao month way:"Elder sister Shi, today who don't also want to block me,,
black gucci messenger bag, treated me to kill those dog thieves, you etc. person again place I betrayal teacher door of the offense would be."
The Du Zhi reaches to as well come forward to pull Li Tian Long's way:"Younger brother Shi, that south the sun sub- power is deep, you just walk into death and rather and temporary return mother's home in, again take more time to consider."
Li Tian Long angrily however say:"Walk into death and then walk into death, also compare drag out a shameful existence like this well, the teacher is to is me but die, I at present again have to fear to?You take teacher to return to, need not take care of me."
Li Tian Long naturally doesn't listen to an advice and leaving no chance to explain climbed mountain to go,
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