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can not solve things more news." In 2007
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TOPIC: can not solve things more news." In 2007

can not solve things more news." In 2007 11 months ago #107707

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's poetry, prose Yu, the I Ching, and Buddhist books. Three sisters married into the field, his father died of nasopharyngeal carcinoma,hollister, theosophy sometimes unclear My mother worked hard all the manual labor of the family,louboutin. Lack of money fertilization, bananas on the ground like his master looks thin. 10 years of a black and white TV, he understood outside the main tool. In 2005, he spent all savings were the first surgery, but a fall in the banana forest deterioration of his condition. One day in 2006, the troubled, he saw on TV the news of the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee MENG Hao, also announced above his cell phone and office locations. Long Zheng did not call, fear of being rejected, go directly to Guangzhou to find MENG Hao. MENG Hao agreed to reflect this to the provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, and he contacted a television reporter, and finally gave him 100 dollars, the car took him to the bus station. Cheng Lung go back to the reporters call each other that there is no news, not reported. Long Zheng has puzzled: "Meng Hao came forward to be able to fix things news,mercurial vapor pas cher, can not solve things more news." In 2007, Cheng Lung second visit to Guangzhou, find Guangdong TV "Today's Focus" host Zheng reached. The news columns with Guangdong Charity Federation, jointly set up a Charitable Fund, funded programs reported difficulties crowd. Zheng give him 50 yuan, told him to go back and do prove a difficult life. A result, this proves that took him a year before to run after his father died secretly burial, causing the dissatisfaction of local officials initially refused official seal, and later in the long term to help his old Taiwanese Jianghan Jun mediation before cover from the village to the town government, Maoming City, the official seal of the CDPF. Gaozhou the CDPF would not cover. According to Zheng Long, the reason is "to find the reporter did not,hogan outlet, they would rather let him go home to 50 yuan. Day,mulberry, Zheng Long did not return to the remote mountain village, 30 km away, but once again came to Guangzhou with his mother. They did not wait for the emergence of Zheng Da front promised to tell him; Guangdong Charity Federation said that the need for "Today's Focus" section first reports, audit resort to report,hogan. Night, mother and son sleeping on the streets, the mother complained that he not only did not get the help of reporters, but cost him only a few hundred dollars. Cheng Lung call 110, and begged the police went out looking for reporters. TV station level than they, the police said, laughing. They eat breakfast, please mother and son gave them 20 yuan, and then sent to the relief stations. After returning home, the increasing differences between mother and child, Zheng Long said: "I became cumbersome at home, even the mother have some hold anything against me, we're constantly quarrel relatives think I'm a bad luck,louboutin, do not want to to help us. "Therefore, he wanted to cure the desire for more and more urgent, but the build-up of his leg is also followed by larger, a little bit to gobble up the leg and his patience. In May of this year, Taiwan the Jianghan Jun-funded him into the hospital,air jordan pas cher, but when the doctor told him that four or five million originally envisaged to cure his illness, the need for more than 10 million, some of his collapse. On May 4, he packed up to take the night train to Guangzhou. He had just want to go to the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital to see in the end how much money is needed to cure the disease, but the motorbike taxi driver only pulled him Haizhu let him get off. In Beijing roadside rest, he complained that a shopping aunt, his illness nobody paid any attention to the government to find television. Recently, many people climb Haizhu Bridge, to arouse the concern of the community, it is better to climb the bridge, the aunt said. Zheng Long said, the Haizhu so too. Aunt said, try Haiyin Bridge. He came to Sagaramudra Bridge, tall bridge and the mighty river scare, decided to climb HaiZhuQiao. See an old man to play ball on the road and tried to strike up a conversation, and finally,louboutin pas cher, Cheng Lung asked him if he could help him look for reporters The old man said, do not know. 9 "jumping off the Bridge" event from the the Haeinsa bridge to the Haizhu Bridge, Zheng Long gone all day, his crutches non-slip rubber fell a few times, walking in the way of smooth. Sleep on the street, at 6 o'clock in the morning on May 8, Cheng Lung take advantage of bridgewatchers security not pay attention to climb up the Haizhu bridge. He has a fear of heights, the left leg can not bend very difficult to walk, but at the moment, he did not know where to get the amazing strength. This is HaiZhuQiao 14 this year, since April 9 "jumping off the Bridge" event, media Yigai the "jumping off the Bridge show" call it. Police have detained eight people, and warned repeatedly jumping off the Bridge "will be reeducation through labor. However, the effect of shock and awe, "jumping off the Bridge," one after another, the areas of medical malpractice, relocation compensation, labor relations, the difficulties of life. This time, as usual, to the police closed the road, nearly four hours of traffic jams. "(He) looked very carefree, big smile. Good public quipped: 'handsome, quickly jumped out Come on, do not jump the ambulance to go!' And popular character people shouting: 'death quickly down, do not block the road! '"The next day a reporter such reports. Zheng Long said, listening to a lot of people call him "jump" below, he really moved the idea of ​​jumping. "In the past, no one jump, they curse, I jump to give them a look and I want to jump on the cushion, they worry that they did not jump on top, so that the rest of my life totally disabled, think of this, I cried and cried for a long time. "Zheng Long the aerial ladders negotiations on police shouted:" I can on the bridge, you could not restrain even hold, restrain the heart! "He asked," see Zheng up to see a reporter. " But the police brought him a can of Red Bull. Cheng Lung regret climb early Reporter 8:00 to go to work as early as 8:30 came to. "Later, some reporters did indeed come up. He sat ladder down, a television reporter shouted: "Master, you have anything to say " Zheng Longgang to open his mouth,abercrombie, hold several police into the police car. Reporters waited in front of the police station, the police are not allowed to interview more than 23:00. Cheng was released, reporters earlier gone. But the policeman told him politely, give him bread to eat, also arm the toilet. In return, he used a little fortune-telling knowledge, to guard his security forget a diagram. Next day, Cheng Lung bought a newspaper, the above really jumping off the Bridge of news and photos. Teach him all the tramp newspapers and difficult life that Tianzi Wharf small garden on the ground and laid them out, but half a day in the past, passers-by no alms penny. On May 10, a Sichuan tramp with him begging to go to a nearby church, here are held donations for the earthquake-stricken areas, the Cheng Lung stepped forward to request to find reporters covering his condition, but the security to drive them to the door. Here, he was chased down on the floor. Back to the Tianzi Wharf gathering place for small garden, tramp, he cried everyone about this encounter, Sichuan fight to the hotline to the hands of the newspaper, said "jump the bridge that people with disabilities accident, chased fight, and ask you to report ", but the reporter has not reached. Resolve the matter can not we try to jump the bridge on May 11, a working man convicted of money cheated again climb up the Haizhu Bridge, the Cheng Lung was lying in a small garden on the ground as if to jump the bridge again in the past, everyone Quanzhu ,mulberry. Which want to jump the bridge I just hope that the concern of the community, the inconvenience to others, I hope they will forgive me, I is not. "He told reporters. Before leaving, he said: "to resolve the matter can not we try to jump the bridge, I hope the media to come interview." In the next few days, Cheng Lung continue to stray, he did not go petitioners fear of being rush, nor go to the hospital, he knew even identified no money for treatment,louboutin pas cher. He again fell into confusion and hardship,louis vuitton outlet, until I appear. Cheng Lung minor jumping off the Bridge news on the newspapers an important position. Some newspapers reflect on this, such event actually was blackmail to solve the personal aspirations of the social and public interests, not only does not newsworthy media for concern, thus encourage similar incidents continue to occur. "Guangzhou Daily", "Information Times" and other media even called the Guangzhou media social responsibility, from the news ban "jumping off the Bridge show. I started to pay attention to the philosophy of the survival of these jumping off the Bridge, but the media rarely write down their name, phone. "Jumping off the Bridge show" Five years ago, the word just left the newspaper, I and my colleagues have expressed resentment and vigilance of the word, can not think of the past five years, the word has been everywhere.
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