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Dong Yi Yun came right away
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TOPIC: Dong Yi Yun came right away

Dong Yi Yun came right away 11 months ago #107700

  • zcrrxwea246
This is a stupid problem,
The Zhuo feather is tiny tiny a smile:"How does that also stand here if I died?"
"Old man, you believed now!My younger brother Shi is still on the hoof!"The white Xian Xian did a grimace, then pulled Zhuo feather to turn over a wall to leave toward that old.
The white Xian Xian just wears Zhuo feather at my Rang Rang still on the hoof, the old doesn't believe, but have to believe now!
This news very quick in Kowloon door spread open, immediately vibration everywhere, many people just heard the reactions of this news all sign stopwatch show not letter,gucci bamboo bag, but afterwards they saw the white Xian Xian pull Zhuo feather turn over a wall go to inside door of time, see eye pupil son almost dropped down!
The Zhuo feather is still on the hoof, the real strenght still promotes to very a dollar rank!This lets numerous all very excited, because the means of Zhuo feather they are all very clear,, and this real strenght ratio's putting together can kill people!
Kowloon door and turn to work properly doors to all have deep enemy with Zhuo feather,gucci official site, if settles however is endlessly the situation that is deathless towards ascending, that!Not only only is these two group hostility Zhuo feather, other groups also are similar, they are clear to remember,cheap real oakley sunglasses, the Zhuo feather gets into them suddenly and leisurely on that day that is white light passage, let them depart from this life many pupils of same masters with quite good real strenght!
These people in, hate being of Zhuo feather to belong to Huang He most , he can make sure now, Huang Xiao Dong be drive Zhuo feather to kill off of, his really knowing one females of his own one son is all been secretly killing by the Zhuo feather!
Is a such a big personal enemy, Huang He still needs to protect him for more than 10 years, he only doesn't pay attention to Zhuo feather possibly now, otherwise he will suffer contract very easily anti- bite.
Inside in a house of door inside Kowloon door,oakley antix sunglasses, white the Xian Xian and Dong Yi Yun all live to also go into here, after Zhuo feather registers here.
The teacher Zu of Zhuo feather, the south mountain elder arrival, smile to sing of looking at him to say:"Good Tu, you didn't make me disappoint,cheap oakley baseball sunglasses, your teacher was just preparing Du thunder to rob now, could promote to a nature and man rank right away, Zhang's teaching will definitely praise yours when the time comes."
The south mountain elder asks for to the Zhuo feather although the next disaster has a headache, he is getting more affirmative to the real strenght of the Zhuo feather now at that time, he wants to do now of be made the Zhuo feather utterly loyal to him,, then protected the safety of Zhuo feather with all strength, let him promote real strenght!
The south mountain elder leaves, Dong Yi Yun came right away, once she see Zhuo feather, strongly choke the muscle of Zhuo feather arm, let the Zhuo feather send out a burst of bellow.
"Elder sister Shi,, you really record enemy!"The Zhuo feather Ai wears to shout a way,sacs lancel 2013, although he is an evil gold body,, Tung
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