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TOPIC: spread a God

spread a God 11 months, 1 week ago #107646

  • zcrrxwea246
Of Tang Fei's bottom, a greatly drink, ten thousand strange burst of color on the body, the shape of a way flies high from its body but, impressively would be absolute being Wang Qiang Zhe's special Mi method, incarnation outside the body!
Tang Fei once saw as well in the fast fire mart on that day Ping Zhu Shi once display once,lancel flirt, but the power is almost extraordinary, divide the incarnation of all have to work properly absolute being peak real strenght and match to round under,lancel russia, really invincible.
1 ……2 ……3 ……4 ……fully four incarnations outside body, each spangle, the might of god is extraordinary, a way Hao concusses of vitality from among these four incarnations dashing but!
"Hum, wait of is now!"
The Tang Fei in the mind sneers at, a sea of woes deep place, 1 embroiders to spend generally thick thin absolute being needle of needle continuously flicker, eager for action.
Tears line red gold, originally have to specially kill to harm strength to the absolute being soul, just just this grey hair the old absolute being soul is deep, Tang Fei hasn't been finding good opportunity and arrived now the other party absolute being soul with on turning four, absolute being soul again not just that sort has no flaw!
"Kill!"4 divides time to roar at the same time, each in the hand with war skill facing Tang Fei crack down on but go to.
"Might of god horn!Is negative to fight for nine days!"
Clime to on war idea of Tang Fei face extreme achievement,, war absolute being horn ancient war skill Qing bag but, on the feet at every step steps in the sky, spread a God, Tang Fei has a meteoric rise,louis vuitton outlet store,, the top of head falsely copies to present on huge war absolute being but.
Hereat the chaperonage appears of still have huge sky of Luo horn, moreover and side still appeared falsely copying of a day drum, though isn't very clear, but have already been evolved by Tang Fei but, this is Tang Fei from war the absolute being destroy soul where got an advantage, integrity of war absolute being horn can not only a day Luo, also have a sky, clock in the bell in the drum, sky,oakley sunglass warranty,, sky, wait three method machines.Only Tang Fei didn't°yet in time complete three Wus,gucci handbags online, therefore can force to send out drum in a sky of falsely shadow.
However even if such,how to buy louis vuitton,, the war absolute being at this time horn has been no longer what it was before, far isn't a previous to compare, Tang Fei looks up at sky one roar, it after death that huge war absolute being falsely copy to equally follow to do same action and look up at sky a roar.
Huge rant, shocking world, Luo in the sky, the back of drum in the sky respectively appeared two absolute being Zhis falsely shadow,, once urging.Immediately a war absolute being is a facing on all sides then restless open.
This hugely and loudly moves astounding, four grey hair the olds divide and the incarnation outside the body of is also that the vision is stagnant, takes incredible taste to stare at continuously high war absolute being of that air war idea to falsely copy at this time,
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