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shop louis vutton "Temple lord
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TOPIC: shop louis vutton "Temple lord

shop louis vutton "Temple lord 11 months ago #107639

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Be willing to explain what of, as long as we listen to then.However tell the truth,
shop louis vutton, I feel the Xiao house seems to be something wrong and took place what?"
"This matter was said to grow for the words, total of come to say to is the troops that they go to a green house to green even break,, have already also give°ed two elders in the Xiao house to kill."
"Unexpectedly there is this etc. matter?"
sac lancel, so don't know that the temple lord does to right like this as well this time, always I don't know a temple lord good luck so want to deal with a green house, see green even this appearance, I understood, so of green even too terrible."
"If I didn't record wrong, green even still the shortage is 20 years old."
"H'm, this matter we return to blood absolute being the temple say again,
lancel bags for men, in a word this time affair severity."
"Temple lord, the Xiao house is public from green Sha feather in the house but return."Make collective report a way to the limitless blood from the person who return to a blood absolute being temple in the Xiao house.
"?What circumstance?With three real strenght plus Chen in the helping of dark valley, unexpectedly and what then not green house?"The blood is limitless to can not help a little bit changing countenance, " is a Phoenix, did they make moves?"
The person in"the person who come back in the Xiao house said, was Long Qian Ren first to arrive at a green house and let 3 have to be afraid of and also have ……" looking at blood limitless have just some little of hesitation.
"Still have what, you say,, Long Qian Ren is calculated by me at inside, so just found out a dark valley again on three foundations,
lancel soldes, Long Qian Ren can not rise what wave, the elders of the valley of dragon are impossibly successful in career, they want to promise the tradition in the valley of dragon."
"Is green even back."
"Is green even back?"The blood is limitless to knit the brows a way.
The bearer sees a form quickly say:"Yes, when 3 prepare a rightness of green houses make moves, green even come back."
"Is green even indeed as expected don't die, however since green even appear, they why have no will green even bring back, also have what other mishaps?"Do not know to is to isn't a bearer dimmed eyesight, he discovers limitless double of eyes of blood while making reference to this sentence,
lv purse outlet, sent out a to arrive naked,, that is a kind of look in the eyes that discovers a find.
"Temple lord, green even he is to come back, however again seem to be not is one-time green Be getting more even."
"Was green even to imitate a Buddha to completely change one individual is similar,, on making moves to would be and give° two elders that attain fairy class for middle in the Xiao house and kill, and who all have no can see green even how make moves, include present Long Qian Ren and dark the calm is 2 people,, other several houses see this act naturally all is to don't dare and move, can the ash slip away of backed back."
"H'm?Is "the blood is limitless to finally turn angry face,
lancel bags, " green even to unexpectedly come to a real strenght like this?Second the person who kills fairy class for middle,
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