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TOPIC: I listen to your you mainly put an even of these affair our brotherses for me who heel who​e-nfl-jerseys.htm I listen to your you mainly put an even of these affair our brotherses for me who heel who 11 months ago #107617

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The Wei refused that oneself puts forward of request facial expression a change the horse stood to say to the leaf big Wei"that big Wei your business I sometimes made for you again I have now empty again see."Finish saying Cai Dong Feng stands up the appearance that wants to walk. "Do not don't Cai Ge doesn't walk."The leaf big Wei sees Cai Dong Feng's facial expression a change and walk to know that he is to want so if don't promise him that he will not help himself/herself.Thought of the big Wei of my leaf measured the importance of everyone's noodles to secretly bite a tooth to make decision. "Good Cai Ge lets poem Man to go along with you."The leaf big Wei finally makes a firm decision he says of go along with be accompany Cai Dong to dry by air to go everything of accompany. "Big Wei so you make me make her come back."Cai Dong Feng listens to big Wei of leaf like this and say again facial expression horse a turn ha ha the ground smiled 1 then sit to return to original position to drink tea. "Keep a period of time company?"The leaf big Wei in mind and secretly thinks.Of isn't a women?Anyway beam poem Man is also his/her own strong lane comes over of greatly not he or she hereafter make another now again is protect he or she to protect own patrimony He Chou to have no woman?The heart horse thoughting of big Wei of my leaf became clear suddenly him to say to Cai Dong Feng"go Cai Ge,,,, I listen to your you mainly put an even of these affair our brotherses for me who heel who?"Finish saying big Wei of leaf's towardsing Cai Dong Feng is a burst of cachinnation. "Like big Wei well have you this words you this companion I was to truely hand over to settle.Your business is my business.I return to tonight the horse make a phone call for you and put even these matterses to me to the person just small problem."Cai Dong Feng says with a smile.In fact ◇five county magistrates of county usually make collective report a work at his house of so want to put even these affairses to aren't a very difficult matter. "That good thanks Cai Ge."Leaf big Wei a listen to the rock that the exultation know that Cai Dong Feng will help his/her own his in the mind letting go of.His mama doesn't know is who the at the back harm himself/herself if check is who dry of one want to make him becoming the segment ground corpse.The leaf big Wei hates ground to think a way. "Big Wei that poem of yours Man meeting be willing to?"Cai Dong Feng said him to want to know that what way leaf big Wei is used to let he beam poem to the leaf big Wei does the Man let the hard bow of his/her own overlord still how? "I I will think a way."The leaf big Wei wanted to want to say to Cai Dong Feng" Cai Ge trusts this matter don't you trusted."The leaf big Wei finishes saying and then walks to table to take out beside an empty cup immediately after poured one glass water then from own pocket in took out 1 grain
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