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the soul directly faced sighing of spirit such of voice wave magical power
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TOPIC: the soul directly faced sighing of spirit such of voice wave magical power

the soul directly faced sighing of spirit such of voice wave magical power 11 months, 1 week ago #107401

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But also impossibly helpless, Zhang Kou Yi whistles and rings out all of a sudden the voice that people's skin of head becomes numb, the sound wave directly brought about the Hai wave of Tang Fei's a sea of woes ten thousand Zhang Gaos, dashing surge, very not grand view
Tang Fei dollar the absolute being is unclearly piercing, this dark shadow is indeed as expected strong, these in the last yearses accompany with their oneselfs to continuously grow up until now,, is not a so good chain either to turn naturally
The gold color mean person body at open the protection of mountain ax under,lancel mens, contented don't fear to,ray ban wayfarer sale, three Xuan night demon fires in hand sell but of at the same time, mouth tiny piece, vehemence concealed front
"Ah ……"
One sighs and sighs a Chen Za's five flavours of owner in the mind,, lightly on sighing, see have no strength, but had frightened arrogant Wei dint, though Tang Fei is to display with a dollar absolute being at this time, and is in own a sea of woes inside display, but the external world can still the feeling know there to take Tang Fei as center, continuously the facing on all sides spreads of arrogant ripples, just as just the rant of that dark shadow is general,cheap oakley baseball sunglasses, even unclear,gucci diaper bags, than just got hold of the rant of dark shadow to still want violent in action three cent
【532 】 dark shadow
The spirit sighs and lives up to reputation and really had the spirit ability has of Wei dint, just lightly on sighing, then can break a river to cut to flow, kill people in invisible in the middle Fei-Teng_)
Strong crisis feeling, let Tang Fei can not use a chain to turn that cripple soul with all strength, this cripple soul was really full of many uncanny, though once several times saved Tang Fei with difficult in,lancel wallet zip, that all for the sake of himself, Tang Fei often the in the mind will have 1 kind to feel, the cripple soul conceive inside the oneself body, one day there will will truely satisfactory, only afraid when the time comes, oneself will thoroughly become marrying of others resurrection dress
Although he is to kill a person,two a life time behavior makes him realize vital of valuable place, unless is he by himself would like to, otherwise in no case will allow oneself to be placed in time of among the life threat so remnants soul have to in addition to now if the obviation that not holds firmly times, in the days to come truely wait him greatly become,, only afraid again think in addition to he is difficult
Blare ……
The spirit sighs under, strong such as the dark shadows all is shivering, allow he while was living how strong,, how claimed leadership a square, but after all return now just together cripple soul, there is no the escort of meat body under, the soul directly faced sighing of spirit such of voice wave magical power, affirmation wanted to suffer a los
"Roar ……"
Cripple soul currently only just the beginning work properly Zhi, knows some in brief tend Ji to avoid fierce,lancel bags 2013, roar a ,, dark shadow fierce flounder
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