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easy flirt lancel this name
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TOPIC: easy flirt lancel this name

easy flirt lancel this name 11 months, 1 week ago #106995

  • yspjntkxvd
The consciousness dint had it, yellow burning need not again worry to make oneself can not find the enemy's problem because the crazy dragon invokes forest.
Huang Yan Zuo's after choosing, the test space immediately gave response.
"Test, the choice praises technical ability big evil boundary, whether confirm?"
Because Huang blazes a confirmation and is together suffused with the energy of gold color glory with the speed that Huang Yan responds to cannot compare with and drills to go into a yellow burning brain a while.
The glory goes into brain, in the brain of felling oneself of Huang Yan Zhi a while many much yin and yang Shu knowledge.At this time, Huang Yan is regarded as understand, why come to the flowed to send a profound meaning test field to still request 35 classes of flowing and sending grade.Because if flow to send grade Be getting lower, basically and impossibly and completely comprehend so much knowledge.Even if is like this and completely what Huang Yan reviews the lessons, momentary also because of many outrun 35 classes flow a parties of yin and yang Shu knowledge but feel to don't already is a headache.
However being after all yellow is burning of the foundation knowledge is very firm, not and in a short while, the knowledge of this new increment in brain comprehend of 7788.When Huang burning appreciate all of these knowledges to master behind, the principle of big evil boundary technical ability, also at the right moment all clear display at yellow burning of brain in.As for the knowledges that learn more, because just involve behind the yin and yang of the grade flow one part of knowledge for sending, so the yellow burning yin and yang flows to send grade be not promoted.
"Congratulate soul body Huang Yan, under the bare function of tradition, comprehend technical ability big evil boundary."The voice this time, change the divine voice of dream.Hear the light of tradition, this name, Huang Yan finally and thoroughly really settles, was absolutely the place that the absolute being lane of dream comes out here.
"The technical ability realization that test chooses completes.Now, the one who please test leaves to flow to send a profound meaning test field through a passage."
The book of You 憂 harbours the u UTx T.The M whole gnatseses of c O from pull Yue to plate
Dream of the peregrination chapter 436 of mainland you also customs clearance? The word counts:1839
Along lately- appeared this all the way upward passage come out fully several distances of thousand meters, Huang Yan this just saw the exit of road end.
Since the exit left, Huang Yan discovered, oneself from got into the ground of test behind have been canning not work as usual of locator, and then resume normal.But oneself the position of place, is just entered at oneself
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