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lancel bags nyc depressed way."The elder brothers who
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TOPIC: lancel bags nyc depressed way."The elder brothers who

lancel bags nyc depressed way."The elder brothers who 11 months, 1 week ago #106770

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The existence of the sound.But discover,, desolate here of, what also have no!"Who?Who are you ?"
The voice in"I ……" seems to start to mean to say what,
lancel bags nyc,, but is have what have scruples about,
lancel purses, "you can make me start emperor's jade to wear!Ao …be not!Should be a gold dragon, ha ha."
Liu Lian more listens to more have no language,
lancel paris price, "what jade wear,,
louis vuitton paris, gold dragon of!I hear a trivial voice very slanting in the Ji Ji!"He turns over cold stare, depressed way."The elder brothers who, pack what absolute being play tricks."
Seem understand Liu connect of don't understand, that voice again spreads"you wait meeting."The voice just fell, the light of the front of Liu Lian Shen started coagulating together and ordered the ray of light of point to by leap and bound coagulate a was like snake but again big thing is than the snake!Along with its model,
collection lancel, Liu Lian can not help shouting an a few words:
"Big snake??!"
"What!Pa ……"after that snake form object hear hello that Liu connect, the whole body that haven't finished a type seemed to collapse generally and kept falling off ground up, but at have never aroused mud to turn over to fly of,, hang to float to get empty in the half!
"Boy!I am a highly respectable gold dragon!Gold dragon!Understood to have no!"That whole body some transparent snakes hate iron not to become the way of steel,
lancel luggage.
"E ……gold dragon?Isn't this a snake?"Liu Lian listens to that dragon of explanation question the way , before the gold dragon didn't collapse, just discover, originally this guy is also pretty like the dragon of our China!Hence excited way:"You say that I didn't die!Is true of, you is who?"
"I am who ……" is Liu Lian to ask it is who of, the body of that little dragon seemed to be more transparent some.But be like the cage of sinking into the recollection, the whole body settles over there.
Lead have tenth, minute, Liu Lian is also gradual a bit impatient, just have together disconsolate voice to spread.
"Do not I know who I am as well?When I waked up, the memory seemed to be sealed to save more.I is understand you to have very great relation with me!"
"E ……relate to very greatly?That do you know this jade to wear?"Liu connects to wear jade to take out, the jade wears in this space at the moment but such as fluorescence similar shining, he ambiguously feels that the all theses all have something to do with this jade wearing.
"Start emperor's jade to wear!"That little dragon excitedly makes an effort a to absorb, jade's wearing is sucked away by it.
"Start emperor's jade to wear?Qin Shi huang?"Liu Lian question way,
"H'm, rightness!Be start emperor's jade to wear, have never thought me or meet it."The little dragon scrutinizes jade to wear, excited way.
"E ……you are to have been treating at in?How to say to meet it again?"
"I have been treating at in?"The little dragon lifts the double eye of being fond of the Mang to hope Liu Lian.
"H'm!At least before I discover you, you are to treat
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