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31-year-old woman, chairman of illegal fund-raising 180 million yuan for trial
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TOPIC: 31-year-old woman, chairman of illegal fund-raising 180 million yuan for trial

31-year-old woman, chairman of illegal fund-raising 180 million yuan for trial 11 months, 1 week ago #106432

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's renovation, renovation costs, the next four years, Chen Qingnuo began the road to the borrower, along with the company's increasing scale, she borrowed money more and more. Her case has not been approved by the People's Bank of China,hollister, to expand the company's operations in urgent need of funds grounds,hollister, sometimes on behalf of the wing aircraft investment company, and sometimes at her personal capacity to absorb funds,air jordan pas cher, she has issued a promissory note to 56 different objects IOU or signed a loan contract, but also committed to the repayment of principal and payment of interest within a certain period. Interest monthly interest rate of up to 9%, the lowest 2%. The 56 borrowers objects plenty of friends, some business owners have secured investment company. Audited and to attract funds total accumulated 100 million 8815 million,mulberry outlet, of which she has been returned 100,louboutin pas cher,000,000 46,300,000 yuan, also a shortfall of 41.84 million yuan. In addition Chen Qingna paid 21.8 million yuan of high interest. The prosecution's investigation, those borrowings for Chen Qingna company. The Chen Qingna to buy a Maserati luxury sports car. Counterfeit 12 fake seals to attract funds, the Chen Qingna also makes forged 12 fake seal,louboutin, including Xiamen Siming District People's Government Office of the streets "seal" Xiamen Blue are sauna foot Co., Ltd., Xiamen City the Siming District Hing Ditou, restaurant "seal," Xiamen Andrews Fire Engineering Co., Ltd. financial seal "," Quanzhou the new success Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. "seal. Even her open sports car driving license and registration certificate,A female passenger was arrested for refusing the security ki,mulberry, she let the others forged two. Guohong Qing Chen Qingna defender lawyers said in court yesterday,The girl cheated prostitution to escaped Yinwo Report fellow, the Chen Qingnuo conduct did not constitute the crime of illegal deposits from the public. For the Chen Qingna forged documents state organs,hollister outlet, seal, fake companies, enterprises seal behavior, the defendant did not raise any objection However,abercrombie, Chen Qingnuo defender, these acts are made in the special context, and a minor, did not cause any harm to society, in accordance with the law may be exempted from criminal punishment. The focus of the trial is illegal fund-raising or private lending Chen Qingna "suck money" hundreds of millions, what is illegal deposits from the public sin, or just borrow more not from private lending solve this problem, both the prosecution and the defense in court engaged in a fierce debate. The defense that the majority of, Chen Qingnuo borrowings object friends and family, not "non-specific public" and therefore does not constitute a criminal offense. The prosecutor accused defendant Chen Qingnuo behavior constitutes illegal deposits from the public based on the provisions of Article 70 26. "Illegal deposits from the public or to attract deposits from the public in disguise, disrupting financial order, three years imprisonment or criminal detention ... the amount involved is huge or other serious circumstances, three to ten years in prison. The Guohong Qing lawyer, how to define illegal deposits from the public or in a disguised deposits from the public behavior, criminal law is not clearly defined,louboutin, there is no corresponding judicial interpretation. The Public Prosecution Service is based on the provisions of Article IV of the State Council promulgated the "Illegal Financial Institutions and Illegal Financial Business Banning Measures (hereinafter referred to as" banned methods "), without the People's Bank of China approved, not specific to the object to absorb funds issue a certificate, commitment to debt service activities within a certain period. Ban Measures administrative norms, the power to interpret the law belongs to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the State Council is not entitled to an explanation of the legal, citing the ban approach "is defined in the Criminal Code provisions, citing administrative norms to make criminal sentences clearly inconsistent with the Constitution,The bus ran a red light bus around the shortcut to, , can not be based on banned Measures for the interpretation of illegal deposits from the public to the defendant's conviction and sentencing. Experts say 176 of the Penal Code is necessary to supplement and improve the famous jurist, Jiang Ping review China's most outstanding private entrepreneurs Sun Dawu allegedly illegal deposits from the public crimes case, he said, "illegal absorb public deposits of sin and normal private lending What is the difference 20 people by okay there a limit see if I borrowings to 50 villagers not become illegal deposits from the public "However, Xiamen University School of Law, Associate Professor Huang Jianxiong, In theory,louboutin pas cher, between or clear boundaries. He said the illegal fund-raising activities of public funds by means other than the normal financing channels. Funding needs of this minority from the majority of suppliers of funds in the hands of capital financing, is the fund raising. Fund raising matters of public interest, tend to be subject to legal regulation. Huang Jianxiong, in judicial practice, be held criminally responsible for illegal fund-raising, applies to most of the charges is the crime of illegal deposits from the public or a disguised deposits from the public sin. However, China's "Criminal Law" provides that the crime of illegal deposits from the public, but did not specify the specific constituent elements. First,mercurial vapor, easily lead to this practice illegal absorb public deposits apply to the crime of enlargement, the enterprises to raise capital,louis vuitton, private lending, "Section 176 of the Criminal Code does not provide for private lending activities identified as criminal acts. Therefore, it is necessary to be refined on section 176 of the Penal Code.
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