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lancel paris price then go out blind stroll
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TOPIC: lancel paris price then go out blind stroll

lancel paris price then go out blind stroll 11 months, 1 week ago #106247

  • qwr95ekbaa52
Eat."Finish saying away and disappear drill into an empress kitchen.
Little meeting, the cook beard uncle stretched out head, is the meaning that asks gold peony.
The gold peony is one Leng, immediately"rush toward Chi" a smile:"Little bastard now not cheat,
lancel paris price,, past is a cheat a quasi-, just, just, beard the uncle give this smelly boy a little bit little,,
lancel premier flirt bag."
The beard uncle promises and retracts a head.
"Have the crab powder meat ball to eat!"The speech necessarily loses immediately if fight a victorious battle the acclaim jump like sparrows.
My a day
Spread such a words now:Is poor to eat meat, enrich to eat shrimp, lead a staff to eat tortoise.
I though part-time job, can contact 100 dollars bill every day,, of no consequence poor people.However, ascend a nobody tube I, descend ignore other people, from become not leadership staff.
It Be decided by research, eat shrimp every day.Canning eat fresh shrimp every day on today in"becoming rich to easily seek to eat is difficult" is absolutely a Chi person to say dream!
After deep research decide, eat dried shrimp every day, draw a clear distinction with poor people, be stained with some side son with rich man.
Time early morning,
sac occasion lancel, I carefree alignment market.
South of July, the sun at 9:00 A.M. has been irritable of, the air temperature is high to almost take out to do the humidity on the pedestrian body.The fresh meat, green vegetables buys to go home an inside to hardest keep fresh, can the dried shrimp is different, put into a rice bucket,, then can put best long a period of time.
Hence, I bought a half catty streaky pork, 2 dollars green vegetables and half catty wax gourd and three catties of dried shrimps.
After returning to a house, also no longer than 10:00, I then start attending to needs lunch.Anyway have holiday today, early some cook a meal to fill satisfied belly, then go out blind stroll,
outlet louis vuitton, perhaps can run into "diamond Wang Lao Wu".Alas ―― who let oneself is a business member!Or the small store does odd jobs of"business member".Store inside total 4 people:Owner, boss's wife, Reeve and I.
Also because of this reason,
lancel maroquinerie femme, the owner rented the sheet iron building that this temporary tower sets up for me.The gum matches plank door a bit rotting, rain heavily house roof still leaking, can also calculate last single list.To a just came out a society of I to say, have been very quite good.
Thought of the time here, the wax gourd has already gone to skin and slices a piece, next turn over and stir-fry, turn over and stir-fry several bottoms,,
lancel paris bag price, the soot fills the air and is like and lights more than ten mosquito-repellent incense at the same time, I am musted keep a cough by the Qiang, planned wax gourd and dried shrimp to separate at first, made two course of vegetables, feeling urgently under, pour into washed small bowl of dried shrimp in the pot, again spade several bottoms, really can not stand, then put half Piao water, some on the Sa adjust and anticipate behind cover pot cover, rush a room.
Breathed very a burst of fresh air, square's thinking of didn't open exhaust fan and raised hand to clap forehead:Is really stupid dead!
I return to a kitchen of
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