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TOPIC: housing

housing 11 months, 1 week ago #105916

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's 18 spirit and practice the scientific concept of development of major initiatives, the party and the government to improve people's livelihood, urban and rural development, promotion of residents' income growth, important information security to establish a long-term mechanism to expand consumption demand. Statistical agencies at all levels should further strengthen their sense of responsibility, well-organized, solid work, to ensure that the survey information is true and accurate. Ma Jiantang households in the Hunan Province to investigate the integration reform work briefing listen to the main person in charge of the the Hunan Survey Organization of the National Bureau of Statistics and the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics reported the meeting chaired by the executive vice governor of Hunan Province in to the mountain. And depth of Zhuzhou City, the Loudi City to understand the integration of household survey and Advance. Him to express my sincere thanks to the active and serious implementation of the National Integrated Household Survey reform and fully affirmed the Hunan provincial government and the municipal government attaches great importance to this reform. Ma Jian Tong pointed out that, since the National Bureau of Statistics in 2010 the decision on the reform of the urban and rural household survey were the local government to give strong support to the tireless efforts of the statistical system, the smooth progress of the reform. Survey indicators in accordance with uniform,abercrombie, uniform sampling method, unified course of the investigation, a unified data processing, the principle of unified data released, formulated and issued the integrated reform of the overall program, integrated household survey programs and systems, unified extraction integrated survey sample, the establishment of integrated survey outlets, to carry out an integrated investigation training and test survey. December 1, 400,000 residents across the country to start accounting in accordance with the national unity integration of urban and rural household survey system, integrated investigation into the formal implementation stage, marking the integration of significant progress made in the reform of the substantive, which will statistically career development the history of heavy sum,ray ban. This is the result of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the local Party committees at all levels, the Government strongly supports the results closely with the relevant departments, and the careful organization of the statistical system, the result of unremitting efforts, the 400,000 residents selfless hard working results. To express my heartfelt gratitude to the Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments, the majority of statisticians Hutchison account. Ma Jiantang said: accounting for the country, for its own financial management, good, thank you Ma Jian Tong stressed that the integration of urban and rural household survey on December 1, unified survey indicators, unified sample extraction, unified data production, unified published data, to achieve the unity of the urban and rural household survey, specification and integration, to provide all residents of unification of the income, expenditure and consumption data, to provide urban and rural comparable geographically comparable urban and rural residents and the provinces, sub-city, county residents income, expenditure and consumption data,mulberry outlet. Popular to say,abercrombie paris, this reform unified classification criteria, indicators name and caliber of urban and rural residents' income and spending; in accordance with the the unified sampling methods and procedures, the National Bureau of Statistics from the country more than 400 million urban and rural households randomly selected 400,000 , of 160,Day morning,000 national sample units, local sample of 240,hogan,000 units, by extracting households in fixed personnel requirements in accordance with the national unity of each of the income and expenditure of each person in the family,ray ban uk, in order of date of record printed national unity on the books. National sample units by municipal, county National Investigation Team received monthly account books, audited, coding, entry through statistical private network directly reported to the National Bureau of Statistics. National Bureau of Statistics will be based on the 160,000 accounting information, summary calculated national and provincial residents' disposable income, expenditure, consumption levels, structure and growth data, while household employment, housing, community development Information. Provincial Survey Organization of the National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with the provincial Bureau of Statistics, the summary calculation by City in accordance with the province sample units of the national and local, county residents' income,47 key line for each line with a motor vehicle of 2-3, expenditure and consumption data,. Conscientiously implement the integration of urban and rural household survey, will be 48 put forward the party's GDP and urban and rural residents per capita income than A Years to double to provide a solid basis for the country to promote economic development and people's livelihood. The improved solid data support the scientific development of the income distribution and social security provided by the Government. Ma Jiantang in Xinhua County held a forum to listen to the introduction of Xinhua County, the main person in charge of local economic development and statistical work, Xinhua national investigation team is mainly responsible for the urban-rural integration Household Survey reform report to learn more about propaganda and mobilization, the taking of samples, the survey organization and implementation of households with the accounting situation. He said that this year,oakley, each county level,mulberry, municipal National Investigation Team in strict accordance with the unified arrangement of the country, and actively work better to complete all the preparatory work for the integration of urban and rural household survey for the December 1 implementation of integrated urban and rural of household survey has laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of this major reform made a positive contribution, and thank everyone for their dedication. We have identified Hutchison account, the key now is how to make household adhere bookkeeping and account credited. To reach this point, there is a lot of work to do,oakley pas cher. To do a good job of Hutchison account services, research to establish a regular feedback to Hutchison account their income and expenditure situation, to help Hutchison account financial bookkeeping useful to residents. To actively improve the credit, and explore the use of mobile phones, phones, tablet computers and other accounting research in areas where conditions permit, resident billing more convenient. Way to streamline expenditure accounting to accelerate research to explore the project to streamline expenditure on books, content and frequency of the feasibility of effectively lighten the burden of the residents of the bookkeeping. Ma Jiantang account research in the the Zhuzhou City Shangge district towns household survey in mind Ma Jiantang, respectively, in the Loudi Xinhua County the homeland town full Takemura and Zhuzhou City, Tianyuan District Shangge community in mind, the account home, bookkeeper, assistant enumerators and village cadres, community cadres cordial discussion,sac longchamp, and learn more about the billing situation,toms outlet, one a view of the accounting books of the households. He said, everyone is accounting for the country, the country, it is glorious. Bookkeeping work is very complicated, very trivial, very boil, ranging to 365 days, will have more than 730 every day, and days of careful, we are very hard. Bookkeeping work is also very important, not everyone's bookkeeping, the party and the government do not know the country and around the residents' income, expenditure is how much it is difficult to develop a policy to improve the people's living standards, improve the income level of residents, improving the social security . Everyone bookkeeping for the party and the government to promote residents' income and consumption levels, and to improve the people's living standards, improve macro-control and scientific management level, significant. He would like to thank each Hutchison account and every assistant enumerators every recorded account can adhere to accounting, seriously bookkeeping, documentary, remember all remember clearly every member of the family remember good every amount of revenue and expenditures. Hope to guide the work of assistant enumerators do a good job on the Hutchison account, and timely answers to the various problems encountered in the billing of Hutchison account. Ma Jiantang also visited Zhuzhou,hogan outlet, Loudi City, Xinhua County Bureau of Statistics and the National Bureau of Zhuzhou, Loudi,toms outlet, Xinhua investigation team of cadres and workers. In Hunan, secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee, Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Chairman Renzhou Jiang met with Ma Jiantang a row, the two sides exchanged views on the statistical work and local economic and social development. Present at the meeting to Hill. Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics,toms shoes, Zhang Shiping, Hunan National Bureau of Investigation Corps captain Cheng Zilin accompanied by research. Accompanied by the research office of the National Bureau of Statistics, Political Division, households Office responsible person. (Zheng policy)
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