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but he to the person of war but is an old student
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TOPIC: but he to the person of war but is an old student

but he to the person of war but is an old student 11 months, 1 week ago #105745

  • mqccjjst10
Let Long Tian Qi is to don't understand very much, he way:"The words that don't think to be dead, admit defeat for oneself,lancel montreal, I Long Lin Jian's bottom do it again not to stay to live oscular!"
Long Tian Qi's words let to break out an a burst of disturbance in the crowd, Long Tian Qi is to just get into Jing Wu Yuan is in a little while, but he to the person of war but is an old student, only have no Long Tian Qi so young can promote to the 9 F in the day after tomorrow.But Long Tian Qi speaks of words, also too much crazy Ao, even if he has Long Lin Jian,can not say to kill and then kill,black gucci messenger bag, after all that is the day after tomorrow the real strenght of the 9 F.
The summer Lan arrived at the body of Zhuo feather side,, they all looking at Long Tian Qi of that compares a Dou set.
"Do not useless talk, begin!"That short small youth says chillily, the attitude like this of Long Tian Qi's letting him is an abhorrence very much.
Long Tian Qi's sneer wear,, an arrows trod and then jumped up and wielded Long Lin Jian to wildly and fiercely split to chop down, he didn't also make use of any true dint inside the spirit, this also for wanting to prove his real strenght to the Zhuo feather.
When be be!A few weapons bump the voice of shot to ring out, that short small youth and Long Tian Qi led several recruit,, but also not from must retreat to open,ladies ray ban sunglasses, many because of the lance in the his hand a few indentations!
"Hum, the scrap iron is a scrap iron!"Long Tian Qi's despise says, any and quickly dash away up, flick sword more of rapid, more more fierce.
That short small youth can not resist how much recruit, the lance in the hand is cut down "I recognize ……" by Long Tian Qi
He still in time admits defeat, the chest was quickly stabbed two swords by Long Tian Qi, dead on the spot.
The underground one is silent, they all have never thought Long Tian Qi really homicidal in the top!To know that he originally could not kill the so bloody means and his that difficult to know real strenghts make many people deeply be afraid of, while Long Jia's person is also satisfied he way of doing like this.
Is next than Dou, Zhuo feather and summer Lan are all very easy,ray ban wayfarer size chart, but Long Tian Qi almost no one dare beat with him, because of having already had three personal deads in the his hand up to now.In the period,lancel zephyr, Long Tian Qi once had to apply true dint inside the spirit,, otherwise he will defeat.
But summer Lan and Zhuo feather, have never applied true dint inside the spirit from the first, this makes Long Tian Qi is more deeply concerned at heart.
Is a set of,lancel bags discount, Long Tian Qi and Zhuo feather, No.3 set!
Because this a voice spreads,, many people's visions all stare at in the No.3 on the stage noodles!This combat is also in order to expect, they most Zhuo feather and Long Tian Qi from on getting into Jing Wu Yuan's beginning, is a sworn enemies!And is all Zhuo feather to often gain an advantage
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