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Is polite of passed the bag past
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TOPIC: Is polite of passed the bag past

Is polite of passed the bag past 11 months ago #105514

  • guauycgr46
Emperor's son seems ……"Tang Fei took a look these two brotherses to ponder a way,lancel wallets online.
Until late in the morning, just finally the person of snow absolute being mountain appear.
78 olds after death followed one large numbers of young pupils and walked down from that stone stairs.
"Came, had been already come!"
The black dragon every moment stares at a top, momentary discovered top come down of person.
Tang Fei follows a voice to see go, indeed as expected someone came down.
Not the Kui is snow absolute being mountain, Tang Fei feels that most anterior, those seven olds fix in order to deeply can not measure, only spirit field is good enough to let Tang Fei's heart palpitates.
And they after death of the pupils are also all not weak, all lowestly work properly teacher state, have a lot of even all is up work properly teacher state!
It is to have no special request to register to pour, needs to pay a gold coin and then can get a number wood card and engrave serial number on the wood row and wait until there of the person read serial number of time can enter into flank start testing in a cabin son, as long as led this last a pass even if Be getting more successful.
Being long is long of troops a while calmness have no voice, all have the Zhi the front of the facing with a preface to slowly run about, hand over money, get a number slip, then go to that cabin outside wait for.
Tang Fei and black Long Er Ren fully wait two hours, this just the his turns,,sacs lancel 2013, it's black dragon's turn of time, the black dragon takes out a bag,http://www.senlin666.com/forums/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1884997, the inside is exactly 100 silver coins, can exchange a gold coin just.
Is polite of passed the bag past, but that person who accepts money is cold to hum one- track:
"Pauper also self-discipline in the scholar house!"
Black facial expression dragon is embarrassed but doesn't dare to go into action, the quiet result the other party throws to come over of good card, then go away,http://cbhb.chibi.com.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=308733, Tang Fei also handed over money and got a piece of license plate and kept up with a black dragon, 2 people waited for so outside that cabin son.
Tang Fei and black dragon just walked to where,ray ban wayfarer rare prints, inside already have many people have been already come out, have depressed weep aloud of,http://bbs.eskytech.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1006929, also have is jubilant to rush about to mutually tell of, in a word lead of all smile to spilt open a mouth at this time, failure of then upset arrive extremity.
"I how feel this test is like previous incarnation Gao Kao deliver placard that moment general?"Tang Fei looking at to together comes out,oakley sunglasses cheap,http://bbs.qjsy001.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=334074, but performance a little bit as different as chalk and cheese persons, shake a head exclamation way.
Ps:Those votes' choosing Clause 2 to return a wood has already collected drop,gucci men bags, too not tunnel!Hurry drop
【084 】 passes(two more)
"The 301th,buy oakley sunglasses online!"
Hear that snow absolute being
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